Hooded Jacket for Dogs

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Dog hooded jacket

You will need:
100 g blue, 50 g blue, 20 g green and red yarn (100% wool, 250 m/100 g), spokes № 2.5, needle with wide ear

Density of Knitting:
Elastic band 1x1 30 p. 8 10 cm,
Facial Surface 26 P. = 10 cm, 32 r. = 10 cm

Loop calculation
The collar, the belly, the sleeves and the edging are connected by an elastic band 1x1, a back-face stitch with a pattern. Remove the measuring and make the calculation of loops.
Girth Neck + 2 cm on lapel = 23 (69 p. + 1 P. For symmetry of gum 1x1 = 70 p.); 1/3 Girth-23 p. + 1 OST. P. = 24 p. (tummy); 2/3 Girth-46 p. (backrest)
Girth Chest + 3 cm = 38 cm
Distance between the front paws + 2 cm = 12 cm (36 p. + 1 P. For symmetry gum 1x1 = 37 p.)
Backrest width: 38 cm-12 cm = 26 cm (67 in.)
Distance from the base of the neck to the front paw 3 cm (9 p.) = 3 scale from each edge of the faces. P. Backrest and tummy. 67 P.-46 p.-(3 scale x 2) = 15 p.; 37 p.-24 P.-(3 scale x 2) = 7 p. Therefore, at transition of knitting from a gate to a backrest it is necessary to add 15 p., and to a tummy-7 p.
Girth Front paws + 1 cm = 9 cm (27 p.)
Sleeves (straight): width = 9 cm (27 p. + 2 BR + 1 p. For symmetry gum 1x1 = 30 p.), Length-4 cm (arbitrary)
Armholes: Depth for small dogs-1 cm (3 p.), height = 1/2 Girth Front paw depth armholes x 2, i.e. 9 cm: 2-2 = 2.5 cm (8 p.)
The hood is calculated by the measurements from the dog. The height of the hood (measuring from the crown to the base of the neck) = 15 cm, depth = 1/2 of measuring from the temple to the temple on the back of the head + 4-6 cm for free relief, ie 14 cm: 2 + 2 cm = 11 cm

Dial the blue Thread 70 p. and knit with a rubber band 1x1 gate height 7 cm. Divide loops into two groups: tummy-24 p. and back-46 p. and knit them at the same time from two balls Blue thread:
1st row-Tummy: 24 persons, scale every 3 p. (7 times); Backrest: 46 persons., scale every 3 p. (15 times);
2nd row-back: 61; Tummy: 31 p. Rubber band 1х1;
3rd row-Tummy: 1 p. Remove, scum, 29 p. Elastic band 1x1, scum, 1 eggs.; Backrest: 1 p. Remove, scum, 59 persons., scum, 1 persons.;
4th row-back: 63; Tummy: 33 p. Rubber band 1x1.
Boil another 4 p., making the edges of each person. Part of the scale (as in the 3rd p.).
From the 5th p. Start to perform on the back of the pattern "fishes". Then make the armholes:
9th row-Tummy: 3 p. Close, 34 p. Rubber band 1x1; Backrest: 3 p. Close, 64 persons.;
10th row-back: 3 p. Close, 61; Tummy: 3 p. Close, 31 p. Elastic band 1x1. Push the 8 R. On the straight line and close the armholes by typing at the end of the 19th and 20th pp. Backrest and Tummy 3. P.
Continue knitting the parts straight up to a length of 8.5 cm from the gate. Bring the tummy to another 1.5 cm blue thread with a rubber band 1x1 and close the loops. Knit the backrest further with a pattern, diminishing the edges of each second person. P. On a loop,-1 p. To remove, 2 p. vm., all p. On a pattern, 2 p. vm., 1 persons. When the length of the backrest reaches 20 cm from the gate, close the PP. And fasten the ends of the colored threads on the back side. Move the backrest from the wrong side through the damp cloth. The collar and the tummy do not iron!

Blue Thread dial from two balls to 30 p. and knit 4 cm elastic band 1x1. Close the loops.

Perform shoulder seams. Sew in the armholes of the sleeves. Follow the side seams of the sleeves and sweaters. Measure the length of the backrest on the edge: from one side seam to the other = 36 cm (108 p. On the model of gum 1x1 + 2 cr. P. + 10 p. On the free fit of the edging to the back = 120 p.). Dial them blue thread and tie the strip width 1.5 cm elastic band 1x1. Sew the Strip typesetting the edge to the edge of the backrest. Sew the ends of the strip on the bottom of the tummy.

Smooth tie a cloth in width 30 sm and height 11 sm (the first 1.5 SM-a blue Thread a rubber band 1x1). Fold it in half, sew on one side and, having decorated pompom, sew to a back at the basis of a gate.

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