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------------------- ------------------ 
-notka kht salad + hook 
1,5mm -not Kirov's iris + hook 1mm- 
papponchik 1cm 
-second glue supermoin yellow 
-2-colored eyes 6 and 8mm 
cardboard, acrylic paints, threads, bucket varnish- 
padding + weighting agent (pebbles) 
The body of the cactus - sitting in the pots of size 6 
x 7cm x 2 x 
2p-pr (12) 
3p- (1, prib) (18) 
4p- (2, prib) (24) 
5p- (3, prib) (30 ) 
6r- (4, approx) (36) 
7p (5, approx) (42) 
8r- (6, approx) (48) 
9r- (7, approx) (54) 
10-16r straight (54) 
17p- (7, уб) (48) 
18р-straight (48) 
19р- (6, уб) (42) 
20p-straight (42) 
21p- (5, уб) (36) 
22р- (4, уб) (30) 
23p- (3, уб) (24) 
24р- (2, уб) (18) 
to close with the drawdowns

- when the bucket is ready, pour stones into it + stuffing, so that they do not rattling and do not hang around and paste the body of the cactus into the pot-we 
brush the cactus 
Eyes / proteins from iris 
2p-pr (12) 
3p- (1, prib) (18) 
4,5p straight. 
cut off the thread 
2p-prib (12) 
Cut the thread- 
sewn tightly to each other on the body- 
glue on the squirrels eye / half-beads

The pedicel from kht 
2p-dl / st-prib (12) 
3p- (1, prib) (18) 
1v.p and the next row we knit along the st. From the 2nd row of 
4p-straight (6) 
5p-reduction 3) 
further approximately tie 6 rows of 3 loops-cord is obtained- 
cut the thread and glue the last row to the body of the cactus, impregnate with glue and attach the desired position. 
Petals from iris 
to chains from the cp. bind 3 kinds of petals

-turn the spiral- 
paste the petals on the pedicel + in the center of the pompon-the 
petals can also be fixed with glue

-imirovat spines can be twisting the strand with his fingers and this "korotk" glue 
-eye circles made a tint (pastel or ordinary graphite pencil) 
Well, that's all. 
An optimist for you and your house is ready :)

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