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The vine from ancient times is a symbol of wealth, abundance and a merry holiday, so its appearance is often used to decorate dishes, dwellings, clothes.
To tie a bunch of grapes, you will need a purple and green yarn. You can use cotton thread or fine wool yarn, hook in accordance with the thickness of the thread. Berries of grapes are volumetric knobs crocheted and joined together in a bunch. Such shishechki used as an independent decorative element, sometimes as a button.

To knit the knob, type 4 air loops and close the chain in the ring with a connecting post. Further enter the hook into the center of this small initial ring and knit the st. b / n, with the tip of the thread lay under the posts. In the first row in the ring, bind 12 tbsp. b / n.

Now leave the tip of the thread free to mark the beginning and end of the row. Continue to knit art. b / n, inserting a hook into the center of the ring and pulling the working thread up to the level of the first row, tie 18 tbsp. b / n, tying to the left tip of the thread. 
Continue to knit the third row of bumps st. b / n, while pulling the working thread already up to the height of the second row. In the third row, tie about 20-22 bars in a circle. At the end, make a connecting column in the nearby loop, cut the work thread, fix the tip, pulling it through the loop and thread it, holding the knobs under the hinges.

The connected circular knob has no hole in the center, on one side it is flat and a series of loops pass along its circumference, and on the other it is bulky and convex.

When knitting the second and the following berries, tying the knob, immediately connect it to a bunch. To do this, hook in the semicircle of two knobs and tie the connecting post. The edges of two knobs connect, tying two connecting bars. If you need to connect the knob with the third berry, then continue to knit along its edges connecting posts to the next junction. After cutting the thread, fix and thread the tip.

We connect the bunch of berries in the form of a pyramid. In total it is necessary to connect 10 berries. 
Knit the vine leaf according to the following scheme of green yarn:

As a branch, connect a string of air loops of arbitrary length and bind a number of st. b / n, after form in the form of a loop. Lay out on the product a bundle of berries, a twig, a leaf and sew as an appliqué. The associated vine will adorn not only garments, it can also be used as an element in Irish lace or to create a beautiful panel for the interior. 

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