How to Make a Crochet Flower

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A little thick cotton yarn, hook and half an hour of time - and a stylish decor for a knitted handbag, for example, ready!

So, these are the flowers connected in the first way.

First, the base is joined, to which the petals are then attached.
We use such schemes.

The basis is a circle connected in a spiral. It consists of three rows and a quarter. Starting from the second row, we knit new posts behind the bottom wall of the columns of the previous row. Crop and mask the thread.

Starting from the center according to the scheme we knit "petals". Like this.

Then we knit the central "ball". We fix it in the center of the flower.

It remains only to bind from the back of the leaves, if, of course, you have such a desire :-)

And this is a flower connected in a second way.

In the second variant it consists of two bands - long (petals) and short (middle).

We knit them according to the schemes. For a chain of air loops I took the hook a little thinner. We leave the thread more authentic for stitching.

We turn the short strip into a spiral, fasten it. This is the center. Apply it to the beginning of a long strip and begin to sew the flower in a circle, twisting it with a spiral left by the thread.

That's how it looks on the reverse side.

Then we attach two sheets of white yarn. The scheme is the same as in the first version. 

Both options are very easy to perform. Choose any! Especially good are such flowers from bulk thick yarn. And what is wonderful, the options for combining colors - a great many!

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