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used are: the main blue Alice of the Trinity factory (300m per 100g) wool 50/50% is not prickly, and the extra one took more for finishing Promising 50% Merino wool from Pekhorka (270m per 100gr ) All the fabric was knitting with two 2mm knitting needles, two more pins (usual closing ones) and a needle for stitching will also be needed. They knit from the tips of the fingers of the inner part to the tips of the fingers of the outer part. Then knit your thumbs and sew. On knitting braid without additional needles, see the previous message. The end result was like, the only thing that next time I will change is to increase the length of the elastic band, not 10 rows of each color, but all 20 are possible (this time I was afraid that the thread would not be enough) I could use 10 main thread (blue).

1,3,5r-izp. (10,20,40) 
2,4r-app. ( 
20,40 ) 6p- (5, app.) 6 times + 4lp. (46) 
C 7 to 38p- straight (46) 
For the right mitten-39r-26.8p. put on a pin, dial 8p. instead of the shot, 12 (46) 
For the left mitten-39p-12.8p. remove to pin, dial 8p., 26p (46) 
From 40 to 48r-straight (46) 
From 49 to 59r-straight, but with an elastic band (46) 
Change the thread to an additional (gray) 
60r- (kill, nakid) + 2l .p. (46) 
From 61 to 71r-straight with an elastic band (46) 
Change to the main thread 
72r- (approx., 5) 7 times + approx. + 3pl. (54) 
73r-straight out of p. (54)
Further, on the outer part of the mittens, I knitted a pattern with weaving (2 of. P., Binding of 4 loops in one direction, 1 of. P., Binding of 4 loops in the other direction, 2 of. P.) We knit this knitting , after 5 rows of direct binding according to the pattern (1 of. row, 1 p. 1., 1 of. p., 1 p. l., 1 of. p.) 
For the left 
74p-33p. p., 2 of. p., binding, 1 of .p., binding, 2f.p., 8l.p. (54) 
For the right 
74p-8l.p., 2f.p., binding, 1f.p., binding, 2 of. p., 33l.p. (54) 
From 75 to 79r-straight (54) 
80r-8l.p., 2iz.p., binding, 1iz.p., binding, 2iz.p., 11l.p., 9p remove to pin, dial 9p ., 13l.p. (54) 
From 81 to link 25 rows, do not forget to do covers, all I got 5 per tangles. 
Change the thread to an additional 
106p-right only lp (54) 
107 (from R.) - kill., 23.2ub., 23, kill. (50)
108p-normal ub., 21, lowering we start a knitting needle on the left, normal subtracting, 21, lowering to the left (46) We continue to subtract 4 loops in each row until 7 loops remain between the delays, close the loop. 

Big fingers 
For the inside-span color, knit with pins 8 p., Dial another 8 pts. (16) 
Tie 11 rows straight (16) 
12,13-kill. (8,4) pull loops 
For the outer part, knit mittens-additional with pins 9 loops and dial another 9 points. (18) 
Tie 13 rows (18) 
14,15-kill (9,5) to pull off. 

Sew fingers and longitudinal seam. 
Embed the inside.

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