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Materials and tools: 
- Anna 16 yarn, 100% mercerized long-fiber cotton, 530m in 100gr; 
- beads Zlatka (did not like: a lot of marriage, different shades, different sized beads); 
- Clover hook №0 1,75mm (my first Clover - I'm delighted!); 
- badge as a brooch piece. 
Size of collar: 8cm in width, about 54cm in length along the neck. 
Consumption of yarn (collar + brooch): about 30gr.


Process: Started according to the scheme, a chain of air loops (pictured). I changed my mind, dissolved, started the "infinite eight".

The rows with the beads seemed endless ... But the tactile sensations with knitting were very pleasant, and the result too)) This is my first experience of knitting with beads.

The collar is ready.

Macro photography. The beads are not too noticeable, it is very approached by the tone to the yarn))

For a logical conclusion, I decided to build a brooch. Billets for the manufacture of brooches in the nearby shops did not find. I bought an icon and tied it with beads. Kind of tied badge on the wrong side.

General form.

On the shoulders.

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