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Materials for making angel: 
- A template of cardboard 5.5 x 8.5 (you can any plastic card). 
- Yarn 
- Braid (gold or silver for nimbus) 
- Material for wings (satin ribbon, organza, tulle, round braid) 
- Accessories (star, snowflake, bell, hands for decoration) 


- Wrap the yarn on the template. 
- Cut the threads on one side. 
- A bundle of threads (for the head-trunk), tie it tight in the middle. 
- Fold the bundle of threads in half, mark the neck and tie. 

- For the hands, wind the yarn on the same template to make 9-15 additions (depending on the thickness of the yarn). 
- Tie them at one end with a thread, braid a pigtail and tie it at the other side.
- Connect pigtail in a ringlet, tie a thread. Cut the ends of the threads. 
- Insert your hands in the middle of the torso. 
- Tie a thread on a belt. 

- For the palms fold the braid in half and tie a thread. 
- The ends of the thread to skip from above under the pigtail and tie at the waist with the back. 

- Place a halo on your head. 

- Make for angel hair. 
To do this, wind a little yarn on a template, cut it into pieces of the desired length, tie it in the middle. Attach the hair to the head. 

- From the tape or braid to make the wings. Glue them. 

- You can glue in the hands, an asterisk, a bell, a snowflake, a Christmas tree ... 

👍🏼Such angels can decorate the Christmas tree. They can be a wonderful gift for birthday, birthday and any other holiday.

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