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Patterns are arranged chaotically, transitions from one pattern to another go at different angles. The description graphically depicts or describes the patterns used by the author. But you can use and selected several patterns that are not very complex in the execution and rapport which will not exceed 14-16 loops. Naturally, the patterns have different densities, so the individual fragments will look tight or facet. Don't let that bother you. It is necessary to knit with a high degree of ease. This dress can be called "Second Skin".

At dense relief of a cloth all "irregularities" of patterns are smoothed. To facilitate knitting, make a full-size pattern and draw it according to Fig. 18 or at your discretion, each item is numbered according to the pattern number you will use. Distribute the patterns so that on the line of thighs and breasts are located patterns more friable, not compression the canvas. And on the waist line, place the patterns more dense, compression canvas.

It is necessary to place patterns so that at stitching of a lateral seam they coincided. To determine the density of knitting, lay several samples of a size not less than 20x20 cm, using different patterns.

In the middle part of the sample make an approximate calculation of the density of knitting. Make calculations of knitting cloths according to your standards.

The density of knitting of the author 23 loops in 10 SM. The backrest and before you knit one cloth. Start knitting with a corner side of the ABG. Dial 54 loops (AB). In each subsequent row make two increments as follows: At the beginning of the row after the crown and at the end of the row in front of the cromody do the scum. Already the hinged loops will be provided according to the pattern. On each side of the bevel, add 79 loops (VG). The angular part with Sksami knit a pattern № 6. The bevel angle is 30 degrees.

Go to knitting different patterns, according to your scheme. Use markers for convenience. It is necessary to consider when knitting a new pattern over the previous, Thatwhen entering one loop in a new pattern angle of transition from mating to mating will be 45 degrees, and when using two loops-30 degrees. Braid (Pattern № 12) position from the beginning of knitting in this way: put 14 loops pattern № 17, 2 PI, 12 LP spit, 2 Pi, continue a series of selected patterns. At an altitude of 74 cm from the beginning of knitting close the armholes. In each second row, close the 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 loops (only 9 loops) respectively. In Fig. 18 armholes are on the sides of knitting and in the center of the canvas.

Now we separate the top of the backrest and front. For the backrest, tie 17 cm of cloth from the beginning of the armhole and close the hinges. Before you knit with the neckline. At an altitude of 11cm from the armhole close the middle 32 loops, then in each second row of the left half cover 6, 6, 6, 6, 4 loops. Knit the right side of the mirror. The neck is decorated with oblique. For it dial 17 loops: 3 Lп (Platnye), 12 lп-Kosa, 1 pi and 1 connecting.

For sleeves dial 44 loops, tie 40 cm, making an increase of 11 times on 1 loop at the beginning and end of the row. Tie the head of the sleeve, closing on both sides of the loop in each second row in the following sequence: 3, 3, 14 times 1 loop. Sew the side seam of the dress cloth, sew the sleeves. Decorate the bottom of the dress fringe.

Pattern 1.
The number of loops multiple two.
1r-. All loops facial;
2r: 2 together pl;
ZR.: From Each loop to knit 2 loops: Lп and IP;
4r: all IP;
5r: Repeat from the 1st row.

Pattern 8.

1r: * 3 Lptogether as follows: LP, scum, PL; 3 LP *; 2r: all IP;

R.: * 3 Lп, 3 Lptogether as follows: Lп, SCUM, LP *; 4r: all IP;

5r: Repeat from the 1st row. Pattern 14. Number of loops multiple 6 Plus two kromokno. 1r: * 4lп, 2PI; 2r and all even: how the loops lie; R.: Remove the two loops on the extra spoke and leave on the reverse side of the work. 2 LM, Projazit 2 LPs additional spokes, 2 pi *; 5r: 2 pi, * 2 pl, remove 2 lpto an additional spoke and leave on the reverse side of work. 2 Lп, 2 pi with additional spokes *, 4 lп; 7r: * 2 pi, remove the two loops on the extra spoke and leave on the front side of the work. 2 LM, 2 LPs additional spokes *;

9r: 4 PL, * Remove the two loops on the extra spoke and leave on the front side of the work. 2 Pi, 2 LPs additional spokes, 2 LP *, 2 pi;

11R: Repeat from the 3rd row. Pattern 16.

1r:* 2lп, 2pi *; 2r: on the drawing; :* 1 PI, 1 LP, scale, 1 LM *; 4r: * 1 pl, z IP; 5r: * 1 IP, to reset the first lpfor two subsequent, Projazat 2 LP *; 6r: Repeat from the 1st row.

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