How to Crochet Elastic Band

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To make a rubber band, I dial 12 cp. (you can have less or more - as you like, it will be the width of the rubber 

band ) Then one lifting loop and knit a row of columns without a crochet (RLS) 

Again the lifting loop and a row of RLS, but we will necessarily knit them for the back of the loop 

So I knit in rows of RLS back and forth and goes out this kind of transverse gum 

And so to the desired girth of the head (the number of ribs must be a multiple of 12 - thanks for the help o5ya) 

Then connect the beginning and end (note - the loop on the hook and the tail of the initial thread should be on opposite ends

So, I make 1 loop of lifting and enter the hook into the first loop of one side and into the first loop of the second side, I stretch the thread through them and through the loop on the hook - a blind loop. Then I connect further by blind loops or half - columns (I do not know how correctly they are called))) the second with the second etc. 

And the result is the seam. I 

fold the elastic band in half (with the seam up), 
and then I insert the hook into the loop under the arrow (it is between the ribs - in the "hollow") - I sew it in it. 

Then I move the fingers with my fingers, so that the rib lies upwards and in its extreme loop I sew 2 SBN 

leaves so I 

knit such 10 RLS (i.e., 5 times around the edges of the edges of 2 sc), then I make 1 RN in the "trough" (the arrow again) - sorry, which is so detailed, but can for someone and it will be useful)

Next I knit along the entire length in the same way - every 10 sc (2 scs on 5 ribs) I do 1 sc in the "hollow" I 

connect the beginning with the end)

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