Crochet Frog Pillow Pattern

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You will need: 350 g of mid-wool yarn of average thickness of green color, a little yarn of black and white colors; 2 plastic balls with a diameter of 4 cm, a little black felt, a sintepon for stuffing and a highchair; hook number 4,5. 
Types of loops: see description of loops. 
Head: according to scheme 1. 
Eyes: according to scheme 2. 

PILLOW-BODY: Bind 2 parts. A thread of green color is a chain of 41 c. etc. and knit polust. with / n. At a total height of 25 cm, finish knitting. 

FELT: A thread of green color to dial a chain from the 13th century. etc. and knit polust. with / n. At a total height of 60 cm, finish knitting. 

HEAD: Tie two parts according to scheme 1.

FINGERS: Tie 2 pieces. Dial a chain of 12 in. etc. and knit polust. s / n for 2 p. Then continue knitting the central 4 sts for 4 p. and in the next. R. close all n. together, leaving a long thread for the seam. Fold the part in half. On both sides of the middle finger, raise 2 sts = 4 sts and knit like the previous finger. The last finger to perform on the remaining 4 st. Sew the fingers and execute the side seam.

EYES: Link the 2 parts according to Scheme 2, considering that the first 5 r. It is necessary to knit a thread of white color and the last rows to knit a thread of green color. After the 7th р. Insert plastic balls to add volume. After finishing the 10th river, cut the thread. For the eyelids, connect 1 p. Art. b / n, capturing the 1st p., connected by a thread of green color, and then knit 1 p. Art. b / ntolko on 12 points, in the next. R. from each n. to tie in 2 tbsp. 6 / n; Cut the thread. 
ASSEMBLY: Sew both parts of the pillow-trunk, fill it with sintepon.

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