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About this handmade work
If you were knitting ... These guys are the result 
thinking and mistake as a result of being told by a male friend "Because I am a boy ★ I want ★!" 
It was easy in 2 steps! 

Both boys and girls are easy to use, so 
I'd like to attach it to clothes and accessories, or to decorate Christmas etc. ♪

It is a braiding diagram!

【1st row】 With 

the creation of the wheel, 1st eyes stand up and make 1 stitch of fine knitting. Thereafter it 
repeats "chain 
knitting 2 eyes" "long knitting 1 eye" 
"chain knitting 2 eyes" 
"fine knitting 1 eye" .

2nd step】

After "chain knitting 1st eye", make "fine knitting 1st eye" at the 1st step chain knitting. 
Next, put "fine knitting 1st eye + middle long knitting 1st eye" in the first knitting of long knitting.

Make a needle in the middle long knitting knitting "chain knitting 2 eyes" 
"fine knitting 2 eyes". 
"first knitting eye" 
"chain knitting 1 eye"

At the first stage knitting fine knitting, "draw knitting" is done. 

You can have one mountain so far. 

I repeat this five times.

When we knit it gently, it will be like this. 

It is distorted and disturbing.

pinching the pointed portion of ★ and 
pulling it will shape the shape.

After we 
finish the thread, it's done ♪ ♪

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