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The most popular of all kinds is a classic round mat, or as it is also called a rustic mat. Knit such mats most often ordinary columns without a scale or with one scale of the remnants of yarn, and even from the scraps of cloth.

And it is possible because knitted mats to make similar to giant napkins. Luxury mats-handmade napkins will perfectly decorate any interior. They are suitable for both the bedroom and the nursery, and for the living room. This element of décor is used in many modern houses.

Mats in the form of large napkins will look good on wooden floors or carpeting, built from the wall to the wall.

Tie Mat-napkin crochet better from acrylic, cotton, alpaca, bamboo. Approximately 700 grams of yarn will be required on the 80 cm diameter mat.

The product, crocheted № 8 will look good. Therefore we use yarn in four additions.

Schemes of mats-napkins
Knitting Royal Carpets in the form of napkins
As I said, you can choose a simple scheme of some napkins and tie in accordance with her mat of thick yarn.

But even the variant of a village rug from one columns it is possible to diversify and to create a spectacular thing.

For this purpose at knitting to make some openwork numbers: between columns to make intervals from air loops, to link an openwork wavy edge.

For example, consider how to tie this rug with your own hands:

We make a ring and in the first row we knit 12 columns with a scale.

Further on the rule of knitting of a circle we increase number of loops in each next row, in 2-м-24 columns with a scale, in 3rd-36 с1 н.

4-th row: A column with a scale in each second column of the previous row, between them two air loops. We get an openwork row.

We repeat the pattern three more times: two rows of bars with a scale and one openwork row and so on.

Finish knitting the rug with a wavy edge.

To do this, first we have a row of columns without a scale.

Then knit as follows: 6s1n in the base of one column of the previous row, one column is missing, half-column.

This wavy edge can be repeated in each of the four conditional parts of the mat, for this after knitting the wavy edge to tie a series of arches of the air loops and then repeat the pattern.

In the same way, repeating several times the pattern, knitting mats on the above schemes.

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