Monkey Stand Under the Cup

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Tack size: 21x19 cm

You will need:

1. Thick cotton yarn (50g / 105-110m):

-15 g of brown color;

- 10 g of pink and beige flowers;

- a little red;

2. Hook No. 2

3. A pair of plastic eyes.

Knitting process
Start knitting from the bottom. Type the pink yarn of 16 in. and, starting with the second loop from the hook, knit the stitches according to the scheme Art. b / n. In the 14th row, put into operation yarn brown, and in the 21st - beige.

Knitting Pattern for a Monkey

Obtain the resulting workpiece along the edge of the st. b / n, then - "step by step", using yarn of the corresponding colors. In the binding process, perform a loop on the top of the tack for suspension, typing a chain from the 16th century for this. etc. and fixing it together. Art.

Run the mouth with a red thread. It can be embroidered with a backstitch or crocheted. To do this, fix the thread on the wrong side of the tack and, pulling the loops through the fabric, tie them. Stitch two nostrils with a brown thread.

Smooth the prepared stitch through a damp cloth.

Glue the monkey eyes.

Pothread is ready

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