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For work, you will need to wear No. 2,5 stitches and select the thread to the thickness of the spokes. I have country yarn.

Collect 15 loops with the skin color of the seal skin and tie 15 faces.

Distribute all the loops to 3 spokes.

The next series is surplus. Pryazat 'in each loop 2. Get 30 loops.

Next, we knit straight 4 rows.

Change the thread for the color of the sweater, but do not break the thread of the skin color.

We knit 12 rows of facial loops and 7 rows of elastic 1x1. Close the hinges and cut off the thread.

Next, dial the loops (30 loops) at the base of the gum and knit the color of the skin of the 14 rows with facial loops.

Strip the thread, leaving a long end. Insert it into the needle and remove the loops alternating by the thread. Return the thread a little and fix the end.

I did not knit the ears separately, but simply sewed up the corners before packing. Here are the ears. Fill and open the hole.

Paws and tail knit with a double rubber band. The double rubber band is knitted as follows: the first row of elastic 1x1, and then the front loops knit, and the backs remove the thread in front of the loop.

Paws: dial 4 loops and knit 16 rows with a double rubber band. Cut the thread, leaving the end of 20 cm. Insert into the needle and drag the thread through the loops. Pull and fasten. The tip of the thread is hidden inside the foot.

Tail: dial 4 loops and knit 28 rows with a double rubber band. Finish like paws.

Paws and tail to sew, decorate the muzzle. Kitty is ready.

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