Openwork Blouse

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Elegant women's blouse knitted with needles openwork lattice pattern, small braids and a pearl elastic made of cotton yarn.

Excellent female blouse from the designer Kim Hargreaves from her new collection called Haze is so neatly sitting on the figure, so elegant and laconic that when she sees her, she catches her breath, she just sighs and gasps with delight, she is so good. Strictly speaking, this reaction served as the name for such a stunning model.

Kim very successfully picked up the color and patterns for her blouse: a delicate lattice in the middle, like trellises in a flowering garden, thin plaits along the edges, like vines rising along the women's camp and a small pearl pattern on the sides, like buds and small flowers. High elasticity at the waist is emphasized by a graceful female silhouette, highlighting the bending of the hips. Well, say: cool blouse)) Bravo designer!

Description of knitting of this blouse is made for the sizes XS (S, M, L, XL, XXL). Therefore, it can be connected for slender girls, and for magnificent ladies with the following girth of the chest: 81 (86, 91, 97, 102, 109). See the allowance in the chest area of ​​zero, so that the blouse clearly sat on the figure.

Materials for knitting blouses:
This openwork blouse is made of cotton Rowan Cotton Glace (100% cotton 114 meters long in coils weighing 50 grams), which requires 6 (7, 7, 8, 8, 9) gray hairs with a light lilac shade of Dawn Gray.

One pair of spokes 2.75 mm for rubber bands.

One pair of spokes 3.25 mm for the main part.

Auxiliary spoke. But the description uses the crossing of two loops without the use of an auxiliary knitting needle, so it is unclear why the designer mentioned an auxiliary braid needle among the tools, in fact it is not needed, at least in the description it is not used.

Knitting density knitting needles 3.25 mm:
24 p. And 34 p. = 10 cm with an open grille,

23 points and 32 rubles. = 10 cm double moss (it is also a pearl pattern, with a shift in every second row)

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