Pullover with Geometric Pattern

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A habitual pullover with facial smoothing will become completely unusual if you associate it with patterns in the form of geometric figures. This pullover will make you look around you, and give you confidence.

Pullover with geometric pattern, knitted

Geometric patterns in clothes took their rightful place. Many designers use them in their collections, due to which geometry as an element of the decor becomes a classic for all times.

This pullover is decorated with patterns reminiscent of Indian patterns. Due to the bright combination of colors, stripes and lines, the pattern becomes very dynamic. In such a pullover, you can not go unnoticed.

Pullover knits with a knitting needle in a circle from the bottom up. First, the body is knitted to the bottom of the armhole, then the sleeves, then all the details are combined into one for the knitting of the circular yoke, which is decorated with the main part of the patterns. The coquette is tied with gradual discounts for the formation of the shoulders, and the shortened rows will allow the sprout to be obtained for the best fit of the figure. Finish the image of the contrasting straps with an elastic band.

Such a bright and stylish pullover will take a worthy place in the wardrobe of any woman. A bright color at the top of the product will distract attention from the waist, and unusual combinations of colors will show how creative and bold you are.

The dimensions of the finished product: the circumference of the bust is 97.8 (109.2, 117.5, 128.9, 141). See the size of 97.8 cm on the model with an addition to the freedom of clinging 16.5 cm.

To work on the product you will need the following materials:
Yarn Ancient Arts Fiber Crafts Passion 8 (80% merino wool superwool, 20% nylon, 400 m / 113 g) 3 (3, 3, 4, 4) beige hank (A), 1 blue horn (B), 1 a hank of dark blue color (C), 1 hank of orange color (D), 1 hank of red color (E), 1 hank of golden color (F).

Spokes 2.25 mm circular with a length of 60 cm and 40 cm and a set of double-pointed spokes. 

Needles 2.75 mm circular with a length of 60 cm and a set of double-pointed spokes.

In addition: markers, loop holders, needle.

Knitting density: 26 p * 36 p = 10 cm stocking with large knitting needles 

26 n * 30 p = 10 cm patterned pattern with large spokes.

Source : http://vjazhi.ru/vyazanie-dlya-zhenshhin/pulovery/pulover-s-geometricheskim-uzorom-tucson.html

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