Skirt Belle and dress Rainbow

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skirt is knitted from the bottom up. I did not paint the belt - only 1 row of columns with crocheted drew, then the belt is knitted as you like. I did not mark the colors on the scheme, I think everyone will choose in what order to alternate them. 

in the third, on the top, a blue band of lateral outgrowth that comes from a group of 3 CLS. 

If you carefully consider the skirt, you can see that the pattern is knit in 2 variants. 
She did not paint the skirt, I will describe with words, since she is not clearly visible I suppose that Art. b / n, 5 in. etc., skip 3 loops of the base and again st. b / n. and so on. The second row we knit 10 posts with a crochet in each arch (maybe 12 important so that "curly" is obtained).

patterns like the skirt of Belle, only in a different sequence

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