Beach Tunic Free Pattern

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36/38 in (40/42 in) 44/46

You will need 350 (400) 450 g of black yarn and 150 (200) 200 g of yellow yarn Puntino (100% cotton, 160 m/50 g);
Hook No. 3.5.

Main Pattern:
Number of typesetting loops multiple 9 + 2. Knit according to the scheme, starting with 1 Iznanochnogo series. Each row starts with 1 additional air loop lifting or 3-4 air loops lifting instead of or 1st column with a scale or a column with 2 scale. And and from loops before rapport, repeating rapport, finishing loops after Raport. Link 1 time from the 1st to the 7th row, then repeat from the 2nd to the 7th row. From the 2nd row of knitting columns with a scale and columns without a scale for the air loops of the previous row. 

Sequence of Stripe A:
12 Rows of Black, 10 rows of yellow, 22 rows of black, 10 Rows of Yellow, 10 (12) 14 Rows of black = Total 64 (66) 68 Rows.

Sequence Of stripe alternation in:
10 rows of yellow, 10 rows of black, 10 rows of yellow, 15 rows of black = Total 45 rows.

The Density of knitting, the basic pattern:
20 typesetting loops and 9 Rows = 10 X 10 cm.

When worn, the pattern is slightly stretched. The Specified density of knitting was taken from the model in a horizontal position.

Black thread tie a chain of 92 (101) 110 Air loops + 1 air loop lifting and knit the main pattern in sequence A = 9 (10) 11 rapports + start and end loops. Through 67.5 cm = 61 Series (70 cm = 63 of a row) 72 cm, 65 rows from the inlaid edge for the neck cut average 5 rapports + on both sides of the 1/2 Raport (6 rapports) 5 rapports + on both sides of the 1/2 rapport minus 1 loop for symmetry and both sides to finish separately. Finish through 71 cm = 64 Series (73.5 cm = 66 rows) 75.5 cm + 68 Rows from the inlaid edge on the remaining 1 1/2 rapports (2 rapports) 2 1/2 rapports + the initial or trailing loops of the Shoulders. For the fringe of arches to tie the stacked edge with a black thread of the 1st and 2nd rows of the main pattern, Sarkoy this knit columns with the scale in the same hinges of the base as the bars with the scale of the 1st row of the main pattern.

Knit the same, but with a deeper neckline. For this through 64, 5 cm = 58 Rows (67 cm = 60 rows) 69 cm = 62 series from the inlaid edge to leave the average of 5 rapports (4 rapport + on both sides of the 1/2 raport) 5 rapports minus 1 loop For symmetry. For rounding evenly reduce from the inner edge over the next 6 rows of 1/2 raport.

Make the pattern in full size and control the decrease, applying to her work. 

A Yellow thread to tie a chain of 65 (74) 83 Air Loops + 1 air loop lifting and viscous the main pattern in the sequence B = 6 (7) 8 rapports + start and end loops. Finish after 50 cm = 45 Rows from the inlaid edge. Perform the fringe of the arches as on the back, but that yellow thread.

Shoulder seams. Tie the neckline of the neck with a black thread on 1 circular row of the bar in the non-scale and "Ravoy step" (bars without a scale from left to right). To Fit the Sleeves, Sarkoy this in the 2nd circular row Skip 1 loop of the 1st circular series. Sew the Sleeves to the Upper 16 (18.5) 20.5 cm of the side edges of the backrest and front, aligning the middle of the sleeve with the humeral seam. Carry out side seams and seams of sleeves.

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