Knitted Bag for Evening Party

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I have long dreamed of tie a burgundy handbag. And as soon as I got the claret bags, I immediately began to knit this bag. I really like this color. And the idea of ​​this bag I had for a long time, even since I saw in the fashion magazine burgundy evening handbag, tied with iris lace from iris. But to knit from the packages the motives of the Irish lace seemed absurd. And when I looked through the magazine Duplet, I was very sorry that it was impossible to connect such motifs of Irish lace from our packages. And I wanted so much. But dreams come true! And only after I found a way to tie roses from packages it became possible to connect these motives of Irish lace. The leaves are connected according to the scheme of Neli the Nightingale, and the flowers seem to follow Oksana Flower's scheme. They are connected from a tape cut in a spiral, the width of a 1.5cm hook is 1.1mm. The pattern of the bag was chosen specially, so as not to repeat with the previous bags. The truth had to change it a little, instead of 3 st.s / n knit 2 and an inclined post with one crochet. In the rest, according to the scheme. And another change. This drawing is located along the bag, as if turned 90 degrees. But it happened by accident. Initially, I conceived one width of the bag, tied a few centimeters, and then realized that the bag is larger, and this is no longer an evening bag. To dismiss it would not be desirable, here and has developed a drawing, but it turned out that it looks very good from this side. For this figure, the width of the tape (it is cut into rings) is 2.7 cm-this is the width of the ruler, the hook is 1.7 mm. The lining is connected with a half, s / n, the width of the tape is 1.5 cm, the hook is 1.7 mm. Between the main viscous and lining is laid a gasket, cut from plastic napkins, which are placed under the plates. Bokovinki connected semist. s / n, but the tape width 2.7 cm, hook 1.7 mm. The size of the bag is 28.5cm x 18.5cm, width 8cm. For pens handbags tied rings, 8 pieces on each side. To do this, from the tape cut from the package, a ring was twisted and tied up his st. b / n, and then stitched them with a needle with the same ribbons from the packages. After that, through them, he held out a ribbon connected with Art. b / n. The pens themselves are bound by the same pattern as the bag. tied art. b / n, and then "step by step".

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