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Relief bars when crocheting apply when they want to get relief patterns or as they are called - 3D patterns): chains, wicker patterns. 

To refresh your knowledge of knitting relief columns, see the photo master-class. A relief column with a crochet hook . 

Using the relief bars, you can tie a gorgeous napkin with the pineapple pattern. Clicking on the picture will open a full-size photograph of the finished napkin. Step-by-step master class in five parts was Nik_O from the forum Osinka

Beginning : materials, used techniques, description of work from 1 to 4 series

Continuation 1 : Rows 5-6

Continuation 2 : Rows 7-14

Continuation 3 : Rows 15-24

The end : the ranks 25-34.


Another napkin, where the relief columns are used, and besides them - the elements of ribbon lace.

A special highlight of this model is its functionality - it can be tied in different sizes, from a mini-podstavochki to a tablecloth, simply by tying tiers.

Master class with diagrams and photos on it read here .

And if you want to link it to the company, that for this on our forum there is a joint theme. BELIEVE TOGETHER - Round scalable tablecloth-tablecloth . 

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