Knitting Slippers Tutorial

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I decided to show off my needlework .. 

My slippers are slippers, I personally love these slippers, because they are easy to remove and dress. 

Honestly, I do not even know whether to give MC, I think for those who knit , and so everything is clear, 
but who does not know how to knit, then after he learns the basic techniques of knitting, will also understand. 
And so, I'll give only a description, and if you need the MK, then we'll do it on (please). 

The dimensions of the set of loops are approximate, depend on the choice of threads and the actual size of the foot. 
I begin to knit the top from the tip (from the fingers). I dial from 5 to 8 loops (for an average female foot 6-7 loops) and tie it to the desired length, adding in the middle of knitting in each row one loop. Because of this, the top is obtained by such a triangle. When the top is ready you can tie it in a circle, and you can not tie, as you like. 

For the soles I type loops 17-19. I bleed 2 rows in a circle completely, then a half-circle, 
unfold knitting and I sew another 3-4 times (depends on the width of the foot). On the photo, this groove shows a groove. Because of this technology, the sole has the shape of a foot: on the heel already, and on the rest of the foot is wider. I knit for each slipper 2 pcs.
With them knitting together, in the middle of the box, an insole and something hard, for example, you can cut an insole from a plastic bottle (it does not allow the sole to slack off and holds slippers in the form) 

I find the middle at the top and at the sole (on the front part), I connect all the details and tie it. 

At will, you can sew leather or some other protective material to the sole, then the slippers will last a very long time, and when the skin is rubbed, you can replace it or sew it on the old one. 
I sew on the sewing machine personally, and without making any pattern. Sewn, and then cut. 
And lastly, because slippers do not have glue, they can be washed in a washing machine. 

All we dress slippers and walk, walk, walk ... to health!

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