Grey Plaid Free Pattern

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Grey Plaid Spokes 
Plaid with a large relief pattern is best knit of thick, slightly friable yarn. 

145 x 128 cm 

You will need 
Yarn (98% wool, 2% polyamide; 53 m/50 g) 1200 g sulfur; The remains of yarn of the same thickness of contrasting color; Circular Spokes № 15 in length 120 cm. 

Dress binding 
Facial and Purls rows-facial loops.

Facial surface 
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 

Edge "Chain" 
The first cutting of the front, the last cut-off, with the thread stretched before work. 

Knot Edge 
The first and last cutting loops to tie the obverse. 

Embossed pattern on 7 hinges 
Knit according to the knitting scheme. On it are given facial ranks. In the purl rows all loops to tie on the figure. 

In width start with 2 p. Before the 1st arrow, repeat 22 p. raport between the arrows, finish 11 p. After the 2nd arrow. 

in height to repeat 1 times 1-10-th series, then to repeat 40 p. raport (from 11-th to 50-th р.), to finish a fragment from 51 to 74-th p. 

Density of knitting 
8.5 p. x 12 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected facial smoothness. 

Work execution 
To dial a contrasting thread of 132 loops and between the Kromovyi knit gray thread embossed pattern on the scheme. 

The rapport in width to repeat on 5 times in each row. In height rapport to perform 3 times and after 74 p. All loops are free to close. 

Contrast thread inlaid series gradually removed, put loops on the spokes and close the gray thread. 

Distributing the patterns as follows: 20 (27) p. Facial smoothness, 30 (56) p. Relief pattern, 20 (27) p. Facial smoothness. 

The product is stretched to fit, humidify and leave to dry.

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