Crochet Tomato Tutorial

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For knitting we will need:
-tray of "iris" of red and green color,
-the hook is thin (№1),
a needle with a wide eye,
- filler sintepon (sintepuh, holofayber)

For the beginning of knitting we type 20 air loops. Next, we knit in order, along the chain

1 row-five posts without a crochet, nine columns with a crochet, five posts without a crochet. Knitting
turn one air loop of lifting, 2 row we begin to knit in the second from the hook
loop. So do in each row.

From the 2nd to the 25th row we knit in all rows similarly to the 1st row: five columns without a crochet, nine
columns with a crochet, five posts without a crochet.

By matching the required number of rows (you can make them more or less, depending on the thickness
will be your Senior Tomato.), sew along the edge of the canvas, the same thread that was knit, and a needle with
a thick ear

Then, at the edge of one of the holes, we make the stitches with a thread, and tighten them around the perimeter. A thread
fix and clip.

Another hole is filled with a sintepon, we put it into shape, and we also tighten it in a circle

For leaf knitting we type 10 air loops with a green thread.
Next, we knit along the chain 2 connecting posts, 2 half-columns with a crochet, 5 columns with
on the outside. We linked one leaf.

Then, without cutting off the threads, we again type 10 reindeer and continue to knit similarly to the 1st
Thus we knit 5 leaves

In the end, the last leaves are joined together by a column, the thread is fixed and cut off by its length
15 cm.
The remaining end of the thread is put into the needle and sewed to the tomato in the center, leaving the very edges
leaves are not sewn.

For knitting the tail, we will type 7 air loops and bind them along the entire length of the chain 6
columns without a crochet. The tail is also sewn into the center of the petals. The thread of the thread is hidden inside
tomato, he will not be offended :)

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