Amigurumi Doll Sweet

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What you need:
 YarnArt Jeans Yarn
• Hook 2-2.5
 Filler
 Two cotton swabs
 Growth of a doll with used materials
rialah - 21 cm

Doll Bead
Instructions for crocheting
Sbn - a column without a crochet
Bn - air loop
Prib - increase, tie 2 sb from one loop
Ub - reduction, tie 2 sb together
Cc-connecting post
Sn - column with crochet

Legs, trunk and head are knitted together in one piece
We begin with the color of shoes.
1. Dial 4 in
2. Starting with the second loop knit:
Prib, 1 sbn, 4 sb in 1 in, 1 sb, prib
3. Prib, 3 sb, 2 prib, 3 sb, prib
4. prib, 6 sbn, prib, 6 sbn (16)
5. for the back loop (16)
6. (16)
7. уб, 5 сбн, уб из 3 сн, 5 сбн (12)
We change the yarn to the color of the skin. Follow-
those that the color transition was
In the opposite case,
those necessary number of sb.
8. (12)
9. (1 сбн, уб) х4 (8)
10. (1 sb, prib) x4 (12)
11. pr, 6 sbn, pr, 6 sbn (14)
12-16. (14) 5 rows
We change the yarn to the color of the pants.
17-20. (14) 4 rows
The thread on the first leg is cut off. The
take the second leg, do not cut the thread.
Feet put exactly next to, nose-
from me.
Dial 7 in, insert the hook into the per-
in the place where the V-
tion. If necessary, dissolve
slightly on the second leg,
to unite the legs exactly. Next we knit
21. fasten the posts of the second leg,
Tie a chain of 7 in, stakes
the first leg and again the chain, but with
the other side. A total of half
There are 42 sb. If this is not the case, the next
make increments or
margins on the sides.

We continue to knit the torso
22-30. (42) Nine rows
31. For the back half loop (42)

32. (36) (5 сбн, уб) х6
33-34. (36)
35. (30) (4 сбн, уб) х6
36-38. (30) Three rows
39. (24) (3 сбн, уб) х6
40-42. (24) Three rows
We change the yarn to the color of the skin.
43. (18) (2 сбн, уб) х6
44. (12) (1 сбн, уб) х6
45-46. (12) Two rows.

You will get such a carcass:

47. (18) (1 сбн, приб) х6
48. (24) (2 сбн, приб) х6
49. (30) (3 sb, prib) x6
50. (36) (4 сбн, приб) х6
51. (42) (5 сбн, приб) х6
52-56. (42) Five rows
The last row is knitted with the color of the hair, so that there is no "bald head" when
dem to do hair. It is better to change the color on the back of the head.

It's time to insert the cotton buds. They are needed to ensure that the head is not
fell. Look at the photo, how deeply you need to insert the sticks.

To fill.
57. (36) (5 сбн, уб) х6
58. (30) (4 сбн, уб) х6
59. (24) (3 сбн, уб) х6
60. (18) (2 сбн, уб) х6
61. (12) (1 сбн, уб) х6
62. (6) y 6 x 6

We return to row 31 where we knit in one half loop, now to us
need a front half loop. At the beginning of each row, we knit 2 bytes, zakan-
We use the connecting column to make the row.
1. Type columns with a crochet to the end of the row.
2-3. Knit 2 ssn in each column of the previous row.
You can dial at once on 2 ssn, so the yucca will be more magnificent. It can also be
but knit with sb. The main principle is frequent increases.

Skin Color:
1. Dial 4 bp in the ring amigurumi
2. The increase in x4 (8)
3-6. (8) 4 rows
The color of the dress:
7-22. (8) 16 rows
Sew hands between the rows 42-43 of the body.
Doll Bead
Instructions for crocheting
August 2015
For hair, we cut yarn of the necessary length and attach, clinging to the
cypu fringe.
Eyes embroider on 56-57 rows of head.
Gather 70 in.
1. Slave into each loop
2. 2 inches of lifting, 2 ssn in the next loop, * 2 in, through 2 loops of the pre-
of the series 3 ssn in one column * - repeat to the end of the row
3. Sneak into each loop.
Finish the knitting, sew the ends of the scarf.

Source : Author of the description: Anastasia Makeeva (Cactuce HandMade,

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