Knitted Pot Piglet Pattern

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Complexity: Below average
Working time: 3 hours
Materials: Crochet Hook

The new year is just around the corner. The next year's symbol on the Chinese calendar will be a pig. I suggest already now to begin to prepare for this beautiful holiday and to settle in the kitchen a couple of cute pigs who will help in the household.

You will need a thread of two shades of pink (I have a soft pink and coral), a little black and white.


VP-Air Loop;

S.S.-Connecting column;

RVN-a column without a scale;

PRSs is a column of scum.


The mumps is knitted on the basis of a circle. Threads take average thickness, it is not important, as details are knitted arbitrarily. In my case, there are 10 rows. Depending on the thickness of your thread and what size you need a pot, the number of rows can be increased or decreased.

Dial the pink thread 6 VP, connect in the ring. In this ring tie 12 PRSs.

Increment in each column of the previous row (24 PRSs).

Then knit, evenly making the increments in a circle so that the canvas is not twisted and lay flat. At the end of each row we do S.S. in the first column of the row, at the beginning of each row Knit 3 VP instead of the first PRSs.

Knit the piglet. The coral thread is a chain of 8 VP and Knit SBN in a circle, making 3 increments at the ends of the chain.

At the end of each row we do S.S. in the first column of the row, at the beginning of each row Knit 3 VP instead of the first SBN. Do not forget to do evenly on 3 increments in each row on the place of rounding the part.

Knit the piglet to the desired size. I got 5 rows.

Tie the piglet's heel. Knit nostrils (pink thread): Dial 4 air loops, lock in the ring. Then in this ring Projazevat 6 SBN, S.S., in the second row knitting 12 SBN (2 SBN in each loop). Knit two details.

The ears are knit with a coral thread. Choose a place for ears. We collect loops for a lug behind a back wall of a loop (I have 14 SBN).

Knit the ear straight and reverse rows, making ubawki on the edges of the details: 1-2 rows without decreases, 3-1 Ubavka, 4-without decreases, 5-1 Ubavka, 6-without decreases, then do 2 Ubavki in each second row, until there will be 2 SBN.

The second ear is knit symmetrically.

We tie the ears of the SBN.

We tie the ears with a rachy step.

We tie our pink base by a rachy step in a circle (where the ears are knitted, the other step is done behind the front wall of a loop), on top of the top we tie a buttonhole of 20 sbn. That's the kind of eared.

Eyes knit with black thread like nostrils (in a circle of 2 rows of SBN).

Try all the details.

Put the nostrils to the heel, piglet to the muzzle. In front of the eyes embroider the glare of white thread, sew eyes. You can embroider a smirk. The ears are bent and we take the tips. Fill all the ends of the thread.

We admire our sweet piggy!

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/3017045-vyazanaya-prihvatka-porosenok-svoimi-rukami?msec=24

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