Crochet Colorfull Blanket

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I'll give you the recipe for the patterned blanket that you think will be very popular today.

Very simple plaid on knitting needles, a smart cloth and a great idea

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First, a rectangle is knitted thus gaining 8 loops, knit a square with a thread of the same color. Then changing the color of the thread, tie as much. Then, loops are taken along the lateral edge of the bound and knit across the first strip. Thus, tie strips along the entire perimeter of the rectangle. When the rectangle reaches the desired value. the hinges at the edges are closed. Bind several rectangles in this way, hide the edges of the thread from the wrong side of the knitting and join the rectangles, fasten them and sew them into one sheet. The rim of the rug is also tied with garter stitch.

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