Crochet Toy Bunny Step-by-step Picture Tutorial

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1. Yarn of Pechora Children's Novelty of white and yellow color (acrylic 100%, 50g. - 200m.)
2. Nako BAMBINO green yarn (25% wool, 75% acrylic)
3. A little pink yarn for a spout
4. Half-beads for eyes with a diameter of 6 mm
5. Hook No. 2,5
Вп - air loop
ss - connection bar
sb - column without crochet
ssn - column with crochet
pr - increase
уб - reduction
n - loop
A thread of white color is typed 2 in and knitting
on a circle 6 sc. We continue knitting in a circle.
1 row (1 сбн, пр) х 3 times = 9п
2 row (2sbn, pr) x 3 times = 12p
3-10 row 12sbn
11 the series (2сбн, уб) х 3 times = 9п
12-16 row 9sbn

Similarly we knit the second eyelet. We do not cut the thread from the second eyelet and begin to connect the two ears with columns without a crochet. As a result, we will get a circle of 18sbn

Head 1 row 18sbn 2 row (2sbn, pr) x 6 times = 24p 3 row 24sbn 4 row (3sbn, pr) x 6 times = 30p 5-6 row 30sbn 7 row (4sbn, pr) x 6 times = 36p 8-11 row 36sbn We tie the edge with a "step by step". We cut the thread.

Baskets A thread of green color is typed 2 in and knit on a circle 6 sc. Then we continue knitting in a circle. 1 row (pr x 6 times) = 12p 2 rows (1sbn, pr) x 6 times = 18p 3 row (2sbn, pr) x 6 times = 24p 4 row 24 сбн 5 row (3sbn, pr) x 6 times = 30p 6 row of 30sbn 7 row (4sbn, pr) x 6 times = 36p 8-9 row 36sbn

Switch to knitting with a yellow thread 11th row 36sbn We make patterned strapping of the edge: in the 1st loop we sew 1ss, 3ss, 1sbn (only 5 poles in the 1st loop), in the 2nd loop we sew 1ss. Thus we tie the whole edge of the basket. We cut the thread.

Flower We type 3 in the thread of green color. In the 3rd loop from the hook we sew 5 cn (5n). We knit the petals with a yellow thread: (1cc, 3ss, 1cb) x 5 times.

From the white yarn we make a pompon and sew it to the basket. We sew the flower to the ear. We embroider a spout with a pink color. Glue the eyes. If desired, you can make pink cheeks.

Our Bunny for the Easter egg is ready !!!

Author of this description Oksana Popovich
Source : https://vk.com/club50395095

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