The Stroller Knitting Tutorial

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Blue stroller
You will need:
kapron fiber - residues
blue and white flowers, hook №З,
4 buttons.
Bottom part: blue thread, dial 15
air. etc., knit around the chain of 2 rows of art.
s / n, adding to the corners of 6 tbsp. 3rd row
- knit evenly, grasping the hinges behind the back
walls. 4th row - * 1 tbsp. s / n, 1 air. n., skip
1 of the previous row *, repeat * - *.
5th row, knit 2 tbsp. s / n between
columns of the previous row. 6th row - knit
Art. с / н exactly.
Upper part: blue thread, dial 30
air. Item 1 st row - * 1 tbsp. s / n, 1 air. n., skip
1 p. previous row *, repeat
* - *. 2nd row - knit, like the 1st row. 3rd row
- knit as the 1st row, but lower by the price
tru 2 tbsp. 4th row - knit art. s / n, evenly
decreasing 6 tbsp. 5th row - knit art. s / n,
evenly subtracting 4 tbsp. Remaining loops
tighten. Sew the item to the top.
Tie the lower edge of the white edge with rachium
step "for the loop of the 2nd row. The top edges of the stroller
tie it with a white thread as follows:
* 7 tbsp. s / n in one loop, skip 2
P . the previous series, 1 tbsp. w / n, skip 2
previous row *, repeat * - *. Sew


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