Amigurumi Sheep

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You will need:
1 remnants of mohair and cotton yarn
white and orange colors, hook
№2, sintepon.
Torso: type the mohair thread
4 air. etc., close the chain in the ring.
In the center of the ring, tie in 8 tbsp. b / n for the back
wall. 2-10th series - knit by
circle, evenly performing the addition
in each row. 11-13th series - knit
on a circle without additions. 14-22th
Ranks - evenly lower in each
series of 3 tbsp. b / n. Fill the item with a synthepon
Paws (4 parts): cotton thread
orange color, type 10 air. P . ,
close in the ring. Bridle the Bars
b / n in a circle of 20 rows. Change the yarn
on white and crochet 3 rows in a circle,
evenly adding in each row to
4 tbsp. Then dial 3 air. P . and connect
with the opposite edge of the detail.
dividing it in half. Next, knit
each half in a circle separately
posts b / n. 1st row - knit without
decreases. 2nd row - evenly lower
3 tbsp. 3rd row - evenly lower 4
Art. and finish the work. Second half
hooves knit similarly. Nabeyte
a detail of a sintepon, sew to
Head: cotton thread of orange
color, type 9 air. item 1-9-th series -
knit around the chain of Art. w / n, adding
at turns of 5 tbsp. in each row
at both sides . 10-17th series - evenly
lower by the third degree. in each row.
Then knit with a mohair thread. 1st row
- continue to knit in a circle of art. b / n,
evenly adding 3 tbsp. 2-5th series -
evenly add 4 tbsp. in each
row. 6-9th series - evenly lower
4 tbsp. in each row. Fill the part
sintepon and finish knitting.
Ears (2 parts): cotton thread of orange
color, type 9 air. P . Knit
around the chain 2 rows of Art. w / n, adding
at corners of 4 tbsp. in each
Assembling: sew your head to the trunk. Ears
sew to the head, embroider eyes, nose and


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