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We need: Yarn Kuzya klubochka, Yarn Softi baby and a little bit of multi-colored yarn for hats and scarves.
Spokes number 2.5 - 4 pcs., Filler (holofiber), a pair of peepholes (size 12 mm), cilia (you can use the usual female overhead), a plastic spout.
Knit on three needles, the fourth in the work.
Kuzya Klubochkin
We collect 12 loops, distribute into three needles (on each spoke we get 4 loops), we knit in a circle with the front ones.
1 row - 12 loops
2 row - 24 (increase through one loop)
3 row - 36 (increase through two loops) (on each spoke 12 loops)
4-20 row - 36 loops
21 row - we make reductions (this is our neck), two loops together - 18 loops
22 row - 18 loops
23 row - we make gains, 36 loops should turn out again (the head begins)
23-40 row - 36 loops
Then close two loops to the end.
It turned out we have a little body. We fill it and sew it down.
Paws, ears, a tail and a muzzle knit from Softi.
We knit the ears on two knitting needles: we take 10 loops and knit 17 rows and close them (two parts).
Paws (we also knit on two knitting needles), pick up 7 loops and knit 11 rows, close and sew (4 parts).
Tail - we collect 15 loops, we knit 5 rows, and then in each front row on each side we make a decrease, and so on to the end.
Muzzle: 10 loops knit 10 rows and close.
Next, we take our little body (filled with filler) and where the head is, we make an eyelet.
Sew on the muzzle (it also needs to be filled a little), and then do the tie in the middle.
Sewing ears, legs, tail.
Next, make out the muzzle (eyes, cilia, spout).
Little cap Knits on two knitting needles.
Recruiting 48 loops and knitting with a rubber band (1 face, 1 internal) - 6 rows
Next, knit facial satin:
7-27 row - facial
Next, diminish two loops —24 and tighten the loops with a string and make a seam.
Sew pompon.
Scarf. It is crocheted (80 degrees and then back), but it can also be knitted.
Puppy is ready!

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