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Very cool bunny. Crochet. Yarn - grass (as can be seen from the pictures).

yarn, hook, wire, sintepon ...


I must say that there is no specific scheme ...
So, made from the wire frame of the torso, with eyelets on the ends of the legs. Then she tied the ears: the inner part (in a different color) of 25 loops and in the return line, in the same way from the main one .. folded it together and tied it together ... put the wire bent with a round end to the tip of the ear inside. also with the second.
Then she tied her head, starting with 3 air loops and pokrugu with columns without nakida (actually as well as the whole hare), first adding, and then diminishing the loops to get an oval ... before you finish, fill with padding polyester.
Then she inserted the ears into the head so that the tips of the wire would come out from the side of the neck ... just as it did to the neck, i.e. I put it in where the wires from the ears came out and screwed them to the base ... something like that ... Then I sewed the ears to the head, each in a circle, so that they would not move or scroll.
Then .. tied a rope to the head at the base of the neck (later on at the arms and legs, depending on the sequence in which it was tied), and simply tied the skyletik along the frame (with the version of the bunny with a tum added on the belly and stuffed with padding polyester).
And at the end, he embroidered the nose and jumpers on the legs, and sewed the eyes - beads.
 I also wanted to give them a carrot, but there was no green thread for a batwa! :(

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