Amigurumi Caterpillar

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The length of the beauty Frosi is 35 cm. You will 
Yarn of various bright colors of different texture 
Hook for your yarn 
Filler silicone 
Buttons, foam balls, container from kinder surprise with buttons, large beads. 

ss-connecting column 
sbn-column without nakida vp 
- air pelu 
psn - half 
column with nakid sn - column with nakid pr- 
increase (from one sbn tie 2 sbn) 
kill - slack (for front floor loop 2 sbn tie 1 sbn) 


Orange thread. (you can have any color you like) 
1. 6sbn in amigurumi ring 
2. 6 pr (12) 
3. (1sbn, pr) (18)
4. (2sbn, pr) (24) 
5. (3sbn, pr) (30) 
6. (4sbn pr) (36) 
7. (5sbn, pr) (42) 
8. (6 sat, pr) (48) 
9. (7sbn, pr) (54) 
10. (8sbn, pr) (60) 
11. (9sbn, pr) (66) 
12. (10sbn, pr) (72) 
13. -25. 72sbn (13 rows) 
26. (10 sbn, ub) (66) 
27. (9sbn, ub) (60) we pack, then we pack as we knit. Now you can insert a container 
from under kinder surprise with buttons inside. The head will sound like a rattle. 
28. (8sbn, K) (54) 
29 (7sbn, K) (48) 
30 (6sbn, K) (42) 
31 (5sbn, K) (36) 
32 (4sbn, K) (30) we change the thread to yellow 
33.-35. 30 sat (3 rows) 
36. (3sbn, ub) (24)
37. (2sbn, ub) (18) 
38. (1sbn, ub) (12) 
39. 6 kill (6) pull the hole with a needle. 
Fasten and cut the thread, leaving the tip for tightening. 
We determine where we will have a neck fastened. 
We withdraw the needle with the thread there, without stretch, fasten it. 
Then we draw in the area where the right eye will be, 
skip one sbn, insert the needle into the head and draw in the region of the left eye, skip 1 sbn, insert it 
into the head, draw in the neck area and tighten and fix the thread. 
We pull the needle around the corner of the mouth, skip 1 sbn, put it in the head, skip 10 sbn and draw it 
in the left corner of the mouth, pull it in the right corner of the mouth and put it in the left, 
repeat three times. We derive the thread in the neck and tighten and fasten.

EYES 2pcs 
Black thread. Preferably floss or other thin thread. 
1. 6sbn in the ring 
2. 6 ex . (12) change the thread to blue 
3. 1sbn, pr) (18) 
4. (2sbn, pr) (24) 
5. (sbn, pr, 2sbn) (30) change the thread on white 
For the left eye 
6. 4sbn, pr, 4sbn, 10 ss for the back half-loop, 4sbn, ave., 6cc for the back half-loop 
7. Cc, 1vp, 5sbn, ss. Thread to fasten, trim. 
Leave the thread to sew, the same thread embroidered glare on the pupils. 
For the right eye: 
6. 3sbn, pr, 6cc behind the back wall, pr 4c, 10 ss behind the back wall, 5sbn 
7. ss, 5 sbn, 1vp, ss. Thread to fasten, trim. Leave the thread to sew, the same thread 
embroidered glare on the pupils. 

Eyelid 2pcs
Orange thread 
12 VP, in the 2nd from the hook pelyu 3sbn, 2psn, 1sn, 2psn, 3sbn. Leave thread for sewing. 

HORNS 2pcs 
Orange thread 
1. 6sbn in the ring 
2. 6 ex . (12) 
3. (1sbn, etc.) (18) 
4-5. 18sbn (2 rows) 
6. (1sbn, slab) (12) 
7. 6 kill (6) to replace the thread with green 
8. 6sbn 
9. 6 pr (12) 
10. (1sbn, pr) (18) 
11. -12 . 18sbn (2 rows) 
13. (1sbn, kill) (12) 
14. 6 kill. (6) change the thread to crimson 
15. 6sbn 
16. 6 pr (12) 
17. (1sbn, pr) (18) 
18. (2sbn, pr) (24) 
19-21. 24 Sat (3 rows) 
22. (2sbn, ub) (18) 
23. (1sbn, ub) (18)
24. 6 kill (6) tighten the hole with a needle. Thread trimmed, leaving for sewing. We pierce the 
needle along the entire horn with a needle and remove the needle at the base of the horn, fasten the thread, then sew it to the head. 

We begin to knit from the tail with a 
crimson thread 
1. 6sbn in the ring amigurumi 
2. 6 pr (12) 
3. (1sbn, pr) (18) 
4. (2sbn, pr) (24) 
5. (3sbn, pr) (30) 
6. (4sbn pr) (36) 
7. (5sbn, pr) (42) 
8. (6 sbn, pr) (48) 
9. (7sbn, pr) (54) 
10-19. 54 sbn (10 rows) 
20. (7sbn, ub) (48) 
21. (6sbn, ub) (42) 
22. (5sbn, ub) (36) 
23. (4sbn, ub) (30) we change the thread to blue . Tail stuffed.
Repeat from 6 rows to 23 rows 2 times !!!!!! At the same time we change the thread twice. 
We fill the second ball with small buttons or beads, the third ball with foam-plastic 
The body is ready. 
Next, continue to knit neck. 
Shift the beginning of the row so that it is in the middle of the left side. 
To do this, we knit 6 sbn and put a marker, this will be the beginning of the series. 
24. (4sbn pr) (36) 
25. (5sbn, pr) (42) 
26. (6 sbn, pr) (48) 
27. 24ss, 24 psn 
28. 48sbn 
29. 24sbn, 24psn 
30-31. 48 Sat 
32.- 33. 22 SS, 24psn, 2 SS 
34. (6sbn, ub) (42) 
35. (5sbn, ub) (36) 
36. (4sbn, ub) (30)
37. (3sbn, ub) (24) Fill the neck. Thread to fasten, cut, leaving for sewing. 
Sew the body to the head. Make a face, sewed eyes and eyelids. Sew the tongue out of felt. 

LEGS: 6pcs. 
Knit each leg in a different color. 
1. 6sbn in the ring 
2. 6 pr. (12) 
3. (1sbn, pr) (18) 
4. (2sbn, pr) (24) 
5. (3sbn, pr) (30) 
6-8. 30 sbn (3 rows) 
9. (3sbn, ub) (24) 
10. (2sbn, ub) (18) Fill. Or attach 4 big buttons. 
11. (1sbn, ub) (12) 
12. 6 kill (6) Tighten the hole with a needle. Thread to fasten, cut, leaving for sewing. 
The ends of the thread of the back two legs, after sewing, withdraw from the middle of the tail.
Attach three small tails to these threads. 

BALLS for a small tail. 3 pieces of different colors. 

1. 6sbn in the ring 
2. 6 pr. (12) 
3. (1sbn, pr) (18) 
4-5. 18sbn (2 rows) 
6. (1sbn, kill) (12) 
7. 6 kill (6) Tighten the hole with a needle. Thread to fasten, trim. 
Needle strung on the thread left from sewing on the hind legs. 
After each ball to fasten the thread bundle. Leave a distance of 1 cm between the balls. 


Cut out of felt two identical triangles, about the size of a triangle. A 
gypsy needle with a big ear can be sewn together, or holes can be made along all edges and then along these
crochet the crochet knot. At the end, before the last sbn, put a 
few large beads or buttons into the remaining hole . Make sure that the size of the bead is greater than the 
distance between the sat. That she could not jump out. Make the last sbn and secure the thread. 
Further, by the same thread, only in two additions (you can add another color) we knit a tight chain 
of 40vp. We leave so far so on, we will tie our square with the same thread. 


1. 11vp, 
2. the second loop from the hook 10sbn, 1vp, turn 
3-15.10sbn, 1vp, turn 
16. 10sbn. Thread to fasten, cut. 
Fold the resulting rectangle in half. Tie sbn. previously left thread from
triangle. So at us on one chain two figures will turn out. 
You can fill the square at its discretion. I have a squeaker inside. 
You can foil or foam balls. 


Wooden ring tied tightly sbn. We fix the thread. Next, knit 41vp in the last loop, 
knit 6 sbn, enclose them in a ring and knit further as balls for the legs. 
Make sure that your ball passes through the ring. 
We bind, and then for reliability, we sew our hawks on the body of the caterpillar. 
All of our caterpillar razvashashka ready!


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