Pullover with striped sleeves and a V-neck

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size: 36/38
you will need: 400 g of sulfur and 100 g of a light gray Rantino yarn (60% cotton 40% polyacryl, 90 m / 50 g)., Straight and circular needle №4,5

patterns and knit:
Elastic: the number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 2 + 2 chrome. Each row start and end with 1 chrome.
Persons. p.: * 2 persons., 2 out., repeat from *, end 2 persons: out. p.: knit loops according to the pattern.

Facial surface: faces. R. - persons. n., out. R. - out. p.

Alternation of bands: * 2 p. gray. 2 p. light gray thread, repeat from *.

Knitting density. Eraser: 21.5 p. And 23.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm; persons. surface: 18.5 p. and 23.5 p. = 10 × 10 cm.

Back: dial 88 p. With gray thread and knit with an elastic band. After 34 cm, 80 p. close from both sides of the set edge for raglan bevels 1 p. For this, the 2nd and 3rd p. after chrome. knit together with a broach (= 1 p. remove as persons., 1 persons. and stretch it through the removed p.); 3rd and 2nd p. In front of chrome. knit together persons. The rest of the decrease is performed in every 2 r. trace, as follows: * 2 x 1 and 1 x 2 p., repeat from * 5 times. then reduce 2 x 2 p. If you decrease two loops, the 2nd - 4th p. after chrome. knit together with a broach (= 1 p. remove as faces., 2 p. knit together faces. and stretch this loop through the removed p.): at the end of the row from the 4th to the 2nd p. in front of the edge. knit together persons. After 52 cm = 122 p. from the typesetting edge, close the remaining 30 p.

Before: consists of three parts. Arrows on the pattern in the direction of work. The lower part begins to knit like a back, only after 18 cm in 42 p. close from both sides of the typesetting edge for diagonals of 2 p. and in each 2nd p. 1 x 2 and 13 x 3 p. After 30.5 cm = 72 p. close the remaining 2 p. from the set edge. For the left part of the bustier, dial with a gray thread 5 p. and knit with an elastic band: 1 chrome .. 1 out. 2 persons .. 1 chrome. At the same time. starting from the set edge, add or re-type on the right side for the side seam in every 2nd p. * 1 x 3 and 1 x 4 p., Including added loops in the pattern, repeat from * 3 times, then add 1 x 3 p. = 36 p. After 10 cm = 24 p. from the typesetting edge, add 1 p. and 7 x 1 p. in each 4th p. from the right edge for the raglan seam, including added loops in the pattern = 44 p. After 24 cm = 56 p. from the set edge of the loop for the V-shaped cut, close as shown. The right side of the bustier is connected symmetrically.

Sleeves: crosswise set dial gray thread 49 p. And knit between chrome. persons. smooth surface, performing alternation of stripes. After 26.5 cm = 62 p. from the set edge add for the bevels the sleeves on both sides with a thread of the corresponding color in each 14th p. 1 x 1 p. And 2 x 1 p. = 55 p. After 42.5 cm = 100 p. from both sides of the set edge, reduce 1 point for raglan bevels, both for the back and in each 2nd p. 8 x 1 p .. then * 1 x 2 and 2 x 1 p .. repeat from * 3 more times. After 60.5 cm = 142 p. close the remaining 5 points from the set edge

Assembly: stitch the left and right parts of the bustier in accordance with the pattern to the lower part of the front. Run raglan stitches. On the neckline, dial 137 p. On a circular needle with a gray thread. Tie 1 circle. R. out. at the same time, in the corner of the middle of the front, remove 2 p. and stretch it through the removed p. Then close the hinges, while repeating the reduction in the corner of the neckline. Stitch sleeves, make side seams.

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