Fashion duet pullover and skirt in blue

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Size 38-40 

You will need: 950 g melange wool yarn of medium thickness with the addition of viscose blue, 70 cm elastic ribbon, knitting needles No. 5. 

Knitting technique: 
Elastic band 1x1: knit alternately 1 person., 1 izn. Out R. knit on the pattern. 
Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. P. 
Fantasy pattern: knit according to the scheme. 
Fantasy gum: persons. R: knit alternately * 2 persons. item for the back wall, 2 out., repeat from * to the end of the river. Out R. knit on the pattern. Repeat these 2 p. 

Knitting density: 23 points x 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Back. Dial 98 p. And knit fancy gum. At a height of 40 cm, close to 4 for the armholes on both sides. At a height of 57 cm from the start of knitting, close the center 30 sections for the neckline cutout, on either side of them 6 points, 5 points, 4 points and 2 times 2 p. at a total height of 62 cm close 11 p. for each shoulder and finish knitting. 

Before. Dial 98 points, knit the first and last 42 points with a fancy gum, and central points 14, pattern the pattern. At a height of 38 cm for a V-shaped neckline, split knitting, diminishing in each 2nd p. 14 times 1 p. And 10 times 2 p. At the same time, at a height of 40 cm, close for armholes on both sides at 4 p. At a total height of 62 cm close 11 p. For each shoulder and finish knitting.

Sleeves. Dial 52 p. And knit fancy gum, adding on both sides in each 4th p. 20 times 1 p. = 92 p. At a total height of 47 cm, close all p. According to the pattern and finish knitting. 

Assembly. Run shoulder seams. On the edge of the notch of the neck of the back and of the left side of the front, raise all the points, tie 6 p. 1x1 rubber band and close all the paragraph on the figure. Perform the same second inlet neck. Sew on the right back of the neck, putting it on the left. Sew the sleeves in the armholes and complete the remaining seams. 


Back detail Dial 102 p. And knit fancy gum. At a height of 31 cm knit together as purl 2 int. n. fancy gum = 77 n. Continue knitting, performing 2 persons., 1 kn. and simultaneously diminishing from both sides in each 6th p. 4 times 1 p. = 69 p. At a height of 45 cm from the start of knitting, perform 5 p. facial smoothing, 1 p. individuals. p. 5 p. facial smoothing and finish knitting. 

Front detail. Knit as back detail. 

Assembly. Run the side seams, fold the belt in half and sew from the seamy side with hidden stitches. Thread elastic band.

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