Jumper and coat free pattern

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Dimensions: 44/46 and 48/50. 

You will need: Bingo yarn, Silkhair yarn, needles No. 7. 

Tehniya knitting. 

Gum: alternately knit 2 persons. n., 1 out. P. 

Basic pattern: knit according to the scheme. 

Attention: the yarn should be knitted into three threads = 1 Bingo yarn, 1 Silkhair yarn color 12 and 1 Silkhair yarn color 26! 

Density of knitting: 15 p. And 17 p. main pattern, needles number 7 = 10 × 10 cm. 

Description of knitting.

Back: recruit 87 (93) items in three threads on knitting needles No. 6 and knit with a base pattern, for those with crot. n. start from 3 n. before rapport, repeat rapport, end 4 n. after rapport and chrome. p. From the 8th p. Transfer the needles of needles No. 7. Through 66 cm from the set, close the sides of the shoulder for the shoulder of 8 pos., then in each of the 2nd p. close 3 × 7 (8) n. Then close the remaining 29 n. 

Before: knit like a back, but for the neckline cut 62 cm from the beginning of work, close the middle 9 n. and finish both sides separately. To curb close in each 2nd p. 1 × 4 p., 2 × 2 p. And 2 × 1 p. Shoulder bevels perform similarly to the back.

Sleeve: set 39 p. In three threads on the needles number 3 and knit the main pattern. From the 8th p. Transition p. on the needles No. 7. For bevels, take 12 × 1 p. from each side in each 6th p. = 63 p. After 45 cm from the set edge of the loop, close. 

Assembly: perform the shoulder seams. To secure the gateway, dial the edge of the neckline 57 points in three threads into circular needles No. 6 and knit with elastic, and transfer them to needles No. 7 after 6 cm. After 30 cm, fold the loops. Sew rykava, perform bat seams and seams of the ruzavov. 

Sizes: 42-46. 

You will need: Elle yarn, knitting needles No. 9. 

Knitting techniques. 

Rubber: alternately knit 2 faces. n., 2 out. p. 

Plate knitting: persons. and izn. p. knit persons. p. 

Knitting density: 9 p. and 16 p. boards mating, needles number 9 = 10 × 10 cm.

Description of knitting. 

Back: recruit 56 p. And knit plat. viscous. After 67 cm from the set edge, close on both sides for the right 5 p. = 46 p. After 86 cm from the beginning of the work, bury for 3x5 p. In each 2nd p. At the same time, 87 cm from the start of work, close the 6-point averages for the cutout of the mouth and, on both sides, finish separately, and close it to the ends for rounding. 2nd p. 1 × 5 p. 

Left shelf: recruit 27 p. And knit plate. viscous. Cross over from the right edge and with the bow of the wind to run the same back. After 68 cm from the set edge for the cut-out skirt, close from the left ĸray 1 p., Then in each 4th p. another 2 × 1 p. and in each 6th p. close 4 × 1 p. (for 1 decrease, close 1 p. or bind together on 2 p. persons after the roof. p.). 

Right shelf: knit symmetrically left shelf.

Sling: dial 24 p. And knit plati. viscous For pushes, draw from both sides 6 × 1 s. In each 12th p. = 36 p. Through 53 cm from the beginning of the loop to close.

Collect: on the straight edge of the right shelf, dial 72 points on Circular needles No. 9 and knit with an elastic band between the edges, and in the 1st p. = ex. R. from the top edge after chrome. n. c 2 int. p., 2 persons. p. and run out the shortened rows, for which, after the 8th p. from the edge. n. turn the work with nakida, knit 9 n., in the next. R. tie up on 8 p. more, twist it and so on, repeat it 6 more times, knit 1 × 7 p. more. Then on all n. Knit izn. p., and nakida bind together with the following n. Next, knit on vs n. 5 more cm with a binder, after n. close. Plank of the left shelf to perform similarly. Close shoulder seams. For the collar, type along the edge of the notch at the back and along the bevels of the notches of the shells 72 items on the needles No. 8 and between the edges. n. knit elastic. In 5 cm, transfer the points to the needles No. 9. In 18 cm, loop the hinges free to bury. Sew the sides of the collar 10 cm to the strap patterns. Run the side seams. Sew and sew the sleeves. For a belt that can be knit at will, dial 154 paragraphs on knitting needles No. 9 and knit 8 p. boards viscous, then looped close ‌

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