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Sizes: 42 (46) 

Materials: 1100 (1300) g of Bobby yarn (48% merino wool, 23% alpaca superfin, 23% acrylic, 6% polyamide, 50 g = 75 m), knitting needles No. 5, No. 5.5, No. 6, No. 6.5, hook No. 4.

Types of mating: shawl knitting, individuals. smooth surface, izn. smooth surface, “rice” pattern (= pearl pattern - approx. translator), fantasy pattern A: knit according to scheme A, for the backrest start with loops before the first *, repeat from * to * 4 times and finish with loops after the second *, even rows, not indicated in the diagram, knit all the loops from the outside, except for the “rice” pattern and in the 26th row of the scheme knit all the loops of the faces. For 4 pg crossed to the right, postpone 2 n for work, 2 persons, to fasten persons postponed. For 4 and, crossed to the left, set aside 2 n before work, 2 persons, tie the pending persons. For 3 p, crossed to the right, postpone 1 p at work, 2 persons, 
tie the pent-up persons. For 3 pt, crossed to the left, set aside 2 p before work, 1 persons, knit pending persons. For
3 n, crossed to the right A, put aside 1 n at work, 2 persons, knit the persons deferred, into the next. an even row on this loop knit pattern "rice". For 3 p, crossed over to the left A, put 2 p in front of work, 1 persons, in the next. an even row on this loop knit pattern "rice", knit faces pending. For the knob on the indicated loop, knit 1 person, 1 wed, 1 person, 1 w, turn work, 4 w, turn, 4 person, turn 4 people together, turn the work and retrace the loop to the right knitting needle.

Fantasy pattern B: knit according to scheme B, start with loops before the first *, repeat from * to 4 (5) times for the front, 12 (13) times for the back and finish with loops after the second *, For 2 n in one on the indicated loop knit 1 life and 1 person crossed. For 3 p in one on the specified loop knit 1 person, 1 nakid and 1 person. For 1 decrease of 4 loops, tie 2 persons together with a crossed one, 3 persons together, pull the first loop onto the second one (as during a broach). 

Fantasy pattern C: knit according to scheme C, repeat from * to * 4 times for the front, 9 times for the back, 6 times for the sleeve and finish with loops after the second *. In the even rows of knit loops, looks like knitting. Having finished the 4th row, repeat from the 1st. 
Fantasy pattern D: 1 row: * 4 elongated faces, 4 sleeps * 4 elongated faces. To knit for an elongated facial loop 1
persons by wrapping the thread 4 times on the right knitting needle. 

2 row: * 4 loops, removed, as when purl knitting (thread before work), letting fall naq-ladies, 4 persons * 4 loops, removed as when revolving, knit, letting fall naKidam. 
3 row: * 4 loops, taken as in the case of knitting (thread at work), 4 slee * 4 loops, taken as in the case of knitting. 
4 row: * 4 n, taken as when purl knitting, 4 persons * 4 n, taken as when purl knitting. 
5 row: repeat from the first. 

The density of the knitting pattern “rice” and the faces of the satin stitch: 14 n = 10 cm, pattern A: 15.5 n = 10 cm, pattern C: 15 n = 10 cm. 

Dial with knitting needles No. 5.5 93 (99) n and knit garter stitch, at the height 3.5 cm for beading, decrease in each 14th row 10 times 1 p. At a height of 5.5 cm -
It should be knitted, distributing the loops in the following way: 2 n faces, 1 (4) n pattern “rice”, 85 n patterns A, 1 (4) n pattern “rice”, 2 n face faces.
After finishing the 26th row of the scheme, continue to knit at a height of 17 cm, considering that the patterns are knitted on the central loops, the sides are covered with faces, in which decreases are made for the waist. Then knit 83 (89) central loops 4 rows of garter stitch, 7 rows 79 (85) central loops with pattern B * (something in my opinion this asterisk is not in place - note of the translator) by completing 17 (19) reductions on central 79 (85) n, the remaining loops knit 5 rows with a “rice” pattern, following 17 (19) additions in the first row on 62 (66) central loops and knit the resulting 79 (85) loops with pattern B * repeat once again from * to *, continue to knit a pattern of "rice", except for the first and last 2 loops, which are knitted all the time by satin stitching, having completed 15 decreases in the first row. At a height of 60 (63) cm, after completing the decrease for the waist, 58 (64) p remain, continue to knit, distributing them like this: 1 (4) n faces smooth, 56 n pattern C, 1 (4) n faces smooth. At a height of 62 (65.5) cm, add on the sides in each 4th row 6 times 1 n, including new loops in the faces of the surface. At a height of 75 (79.5) cm for armholes, close 1 p and continue to decrease in each 2nd row 5 (6) times 1 p. At a height of 94 (100) cm for shoulders close each side to 15 (16) p. three steps, simultaneously with the first closure for the shoulder, close the central 18 (20) n for the neck, continuing to close from the side of the neck through 2 rows 5 p.

SLEEVE Garnish with 
needles 5.5 30 (32) n and knit garter, at a height of 1.5 cm continue to knit, complete 16 additions in the first row and distribute the loop 
like this: 1 chrome, 4 (5) smooth, 36 patterned D, 4 (5 ) smooth surface, 1 chrome. At a height of 13 cm continue to knit garter stitch, doing 10 decrease in the first row. When you have finished the 2nd row, continue knitting with a “rice” pattern, adding on each side 20 (14) rows 4 (5) times 1 p. 
At a height of 33 (34) cm, continue knitting on the central 38 with a pattern, and the rest looping and knitting smiling faces. At a height of 50 (51) cm, for rounding, close 1 p sideways and continue to decrease in each 2nd row 14 (16) 1 p. 14 times. At the end of 65 (68) cm, close the remaining 14 p. 

Sew shoulder and side seams, sew the seams of the sleeves, sew them into the armholes, raise the needles No. 5 for the collar 27 (29) n on each side of the front, except for 5 loops of the fastener strap, 28 (30} n across the back. On the received 82 ( 88) n knit faces with a satin stitch, starting with a series of outside loops on the wrong side, at a height of 8 cm continue knitting with needles No. 5.5. At a height of 15 cm continue with needles No. 6.5, tie up a row of people on the wrong side, adding 1 n on each side ( having made 4 gains), then continue to knit, spreading the loops like this: 4 pieces of garter knitting, 76 (84) with pattern D, 4 burrs of knitting. At a height of 19 cm go n knitting needles No. 6, at a height of 23 cm on the spokes No. 5.5, at a height of 27 cm on the spokes No. 5. At a height of 32 cm, close all the loops, fold the collar in half inside out, sew, sew its side seams, hook it with a crochet hook sew on buttons.

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