Knitting lilac shawl free pattern

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The most delicate palatine under the romantic name "CLOSE EYES ... DRAW WITH ME SPRING ..." 

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Svetlinka Yarn Kauni 8/1, color Lilac, needles 3.25, size 184x64 cm, weight 111 g 

knitted very easily Even taking into account that the pattern is two-sided, i.e. knotted in the back rows too according to the scheme. 

I scored 97 loops on my tippet. 

The calculation is as follows: 6 loops + 13 *, i.e. On 7 rapports, 6 + 13x7 = 97 loops are obtained. 

Edging knit always facial. 

Knitting bilateral. Knit as we see the loop. Wrong rows read from left to right. 
Before you knit a large shawl, I strongly recommend tying and blocking the sample. )
repeated the repeat of the pattern 7 times, 16 rapports in height and 8 more rows for a beautiful finish in color. At the beginning, the loops gained the hinges freely (single thread method), also covered them loosely (double crochet method), which turned out to be wonderful little corners. It also blocked the edges with waves, although it is possible to make a smooth edge, I wanted to be playful).

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