Adorable Booties Free Pattern

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Adorable Booties :

Dial 50 loops. 1r-23persons. Nac. 4 persons. Nak. 23persons. 2, 4, 6, 8 rows of persons. 3р-24persons. Nac. 24 persons. 5th Row-25persons. Nac. 4 persons. Nak. 25 persons. 7th Row-26persons. Nк 4 persons. Nac. 26 persons. On the spokes-58 loops. Then knit The teeth: 1p-faces. 2r-Izn. 3r-Persons. 4r-Izn. 5r-2faces together, 1nak, so to the end of the series. 6.8 R-Izn. 7.9 p-persons. Folded in half and see what happens. And that it is not raspravljalos and it is necessary to sew. Then There are 10 rows of facial. Then knit the middle 12 as the heel. And when the spokes will remain 36 loops knit with any pattern height of the booties. When we tie, sew the pinch.

The LETTER is KNIT AS follows: 1r-1 persons. 1 of 2r-1 persons. Next take off with the scum. 3р-a loop with a scale to take off still with a scale (will turn out 2 scale) and 1 persons. 4r-1 persons., and a loop with two scum to touch the 5p-1 persons. Repeat from the second row, the letter is obtained from the wrong. Good Luck to everyone!

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