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Sizes  S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL

Yarn DROPS PARIS (100% cotton, 50 g / 75 m) 5-5-6-7-7-8 skeins of color 26 dark beige, 3-3-3-4-4-4 skein of color 38 crimson, 2 -2-2-2-2-3 hank of color 48 petrolny, 1-2-2-2-2-2 hank of colors 24 dark green, 17 off-white and 37 colors of rust, 1 hank of peach 01 colors, 07 swamp and 41 mustard; Knitting and circular knitting needles 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm

The density of knitting is 
16 loops and 20 rows = 10x10 cm knitting stockings 5.5 mm / 18 loops and 23 rows = 10x10 cm knitting stockings 4.5 mm 

Killing (sleeves): 2 p. Together with a person. persons., 1 person. p., stretch the removed loop over the knit. 
Note: the yoke and the main part of the model knit from top to bottom in a circle, then in front and back are performed separately in rows. The sleeves fit in a circle on the stocking knitting needles from the undercuts of the sleeves.

На спицы 4.5 мм набрать цветом 38 90-96-96-102-102-108 п. и выполнить 1 круг лиц.п. Перейти на нить 26 и в след. кругу продолжить: *3 лиц.п., 3 п. платочным узором, повторять от * по кругу. Провязать таким образом 4 см резинкой, в след. кругу вязать лиц.п., равномерно убавив 6-10-6-8-4-6 п. = 84-86-90-94-98-102 п.
Перейти на спицы 5 мм и в след. кругу вязать лиц.п., равномерно прибавив 31-29-30-31-32-33 п. = 115-115-120-125-130-135 п.

Knit under the scheme A.1, repeating the rapport of 5 p. Total 23-23-24-25-26-27 p. for the circle. In the circles marked with arrows, the following additions should be made: 
1 lap: evenly add 15-19-20-22-23-25 ​​p. = 130-134-140-147-153-160 p. 
2 circle: evenly add 14- 18-20-21-23-24 p. = 144-152-160-168-176-184 p. 
3 circle: evenly add 30-34-38-42-40-44 p. = 174-186-198- 210-216-228 p. 
4 circle: evenly add 26-29-32-35-34-32 p. = 200-215-230-245-250-260 p. 
5 circle: evenly add 24-25-26- 27-30-28 p. = 224-240-256-272-280-288 p. 
6 circle: evenly add 18-20-12-20-24-24 p. = 242-260-268-292-304- 312 p. Additions for sizes S and M are ready.
Lap 7: add evenly 12-18-21-18 p. = 280-310-325-330 p. 
The additions for sizes L and XL are ready.
Lap 8: add evenly 19-18 points = 344-348 points. Additions for sizes XXL and XXXL are ready.

For all sizes: 
= 242-260-280-310-344-348 p. Finish knitting under the scheme A.1 = 24-24-28-28-32-32 cm from the typesetting edge. In the next knit like this (dark green for sizes S and M, apricot for sizes L and XL, white for sizes XXL and XXXL): move the first 42-46-52-55-60-60 p. to add. Needle for the sleeve, instead of them dial new 6-6-8-8-8-12 p., knit persons. 79-84-88-100-112-114 p. Before, move the next. 42-46-52-55-60-60 p. On add. Needle for the sleeve, instead of them dial new 6-6-8-8-8-12 p., knit persons. 79-84-88-100-112-114 p. Backrest. Cut all the threads.

The main part 
= 170-180-192-216-240-252 p. Put on the marker in the center of the loops undercuts. Start knitting according to the pattern A.2, in the circle marked by the arrow 7 in the pattern A.2, evenly reduce 2 points per circle only for size S = 168-180-192-216-240-252 point. After the vert. The length of the main part will be about 33-33-29-29-25-25 cm from the undercuts. <  
Continue with a dark beige hosiery thread. After 34-36-34-36-34-36 cm, divide the loops into details before and backs, finish knitting them separately in rows.
Postpone the last 84-90-96-108-120-126 p. On add. knitting needle, continue only on the first 84-90-96-108-120-126 p. details. Run for 1 person. lits.p and at the same time evenly add 15-21-21-21-21-27 p. (do not add loops in the last 3 loops) = 99-111-117-129-141-153 p. Go to the spokes 4.5 mm and continue to knit gum: 3 chrome with a shawl pattern, * 3 dns, 3 persons, p, repeat from * to last. 6 loops of a row, 3 dns.p., 3 krom.p. shawl pattern. After 4 cm from the beginning of the gum close the loop on the picture.

Similarly, knit backrest loop. 
Transfer 5.5 mm delayed loops to stockings, lift 1 loop = 48-52-60-63-68-72 from each undercut edge. Knit 1 circle according to A.2 and at the same time lower 1 -1-1-0-1-1 p. = 47-51-59-63-67-71 p. Put the marker of the beginning of the circle in the center of the undercut and another 1 marker in the middle of the sleeve. Continue knitting according to pattern A.2, but also start diminution in the following way: 
For sizes M, L and XXXL, knit according to pattern A.2 from and including the 2nd loop of the pattern. 
For size S knit under the scheme A.2 from and and including the 3rd loop of the scheme. 
For size XXL knit under the scheme A.2 from and and including the 4th loop of the scheme. 
For size XL knit under the scheme A.2 from and and including the 6th loop of the scheme.
During the start of knitting from different loops according to the pattern, the loop of the middle of the sleeve should coincide with the loop in the pattern marked with a star, but due to the different number of loops in pattern A.2 for sizes S and M, the beginning of the circle will have to be recalculated loops in rapport will change to 12 loops in these sizes. 
At the same time, after 3-3-3-2-2-2 cm from the undercut, subtract 1 sec. On each side of the marker (see subtractions). Repeat the dips circle every  5½-5-3-3-2½-2  cm total 7-8-11-12-13-15 p. = 33-35-37-39-41-41 p.
After vert. rapport scheme A.2 further knit dark beige thread on the length of the sleeve 39-39-36-36-33-33 cm from the undercut. In the next circle uniformly add 9-7-5-9-7-7 p. = 42-42-42-48-48-48 p. Go to the needles 4.5 mm and knit 4 cm with an elastic band 3x3 (3 pts, 3, 3 .), close the loop on the picture. 
Similarly, knit the second sleeve.


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