Bright womens hat with an English elastic band

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a couple more hats and berets This year I finish with a fashionable hat for an older daughter-in-law. Asked to tie without a lapel. It seemed to me that now the most fashionable hats are rubber-bound, with a high crown. I bought yarn ADELIA NELLY, 70% wool, 30% acrylic 100 g 100 m color 08. The palette of the yarn is large, but in our shop the choice is not great. And the yarn is not budget. Spokes №4.5 circular 40 cm, for the Italian set used №4. Set of loops 52 + 1 for short circuit in a circle. Height to decreasing 21 cm, total 25 cm. I knit it with English elastic in the way without nakidov. My scheme of reductions: In the diagram, the 19th loop falls on the center of the back of the cap. Before that, two more hats were connected, the “Complex braid” cap according to Olga Balashova’s MK DROPS NEPAL UNI COLOR (65% WOOL, 35% ALPACA 50G 75M) Starr hat from Kim Hargreaves ADELIA MIRRAY yarn 50% wool, 50% acrylic 50 g 95 m The same model knitted last year from Fiona yarn, I like it. The caps do not go to me at all, I tied myself two berets. Takes "Moth", by MK Marina Fedder. NAKO ARTIST yarn color 85940 (35% wool, 65% premium acrylic, 150 m, 100 g) + yarn 65% acrylic / 35% mohair Dreams MAGIC blue (77), 65% acrylic / 35% mohair 288m, 100g Interesting yarn NAKO ARTIST, well suited for crocheting, Another takes from this yarn, color 86342, a lavender field, linked by crochets.

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