Gum cap with an unusual top head

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Materials: yarn, circular knitting needles, stocking knitting needles, markers, additional knitting needle 

1. Type on the circular knitting needles No. 3 112, 128 or 144 loops (for caps on exhaust gas = 56-58 cm). You can change the number of loops in increments of 16 pet. It depends on your knitting density and the size of your future hat!

What is the reason? If you look closely at the top of the head, you will see 4 decorative tracks, next to which decreases are made. One track consists of [2 faces., 2 out., 2 faces.] = 6 loops. That is, on 4 tracks, we need 24 loops. For the symmetry of the pattern, it is necessary that the number of rapports in each of the 4 sectors be “half”. For example, 5.5 or 7.5 ... then the sector between the tracks in 6 loops will begin and end with 2 purlins. Calculate: 6.5 rapports 4 loops (for gum 2 * 2) = 26 loops. There are 4 such sectors, so only 26 * 4 = 104 loops. Add to them the loop of the tracks (24) and you get 128 loops. 

2. Tie a cap of the desired length to the beginning of the crown: 
3. Separate the loops into 4 parts with the help of stocking needles: 
Highlight the track of 6 loops in the center of each sector:

Do not forget to mark the beginning of a circular row, and take an extra knitting needle! 

We knit the first circular row, we reach the central path of 6 loops [2 persons, 2 internal lines, 2 persons.], 2 loops in front of the path are removed by an additional needle and we get to work. 

Now we need to block these two loops taken with 2 face paths tilted to the right. To do this, knit loops in pairs with the main knitting needles and with additional knitting needles. 
As a result, 2 loops to the right of the track are reduced at a time. The path overlaps the previous two loops with its right front loops. 

Then knit 2 purl - central loop track, according to the picture.

And now the two left front loops of the track overlap the following loops. To do this, remove the facial knitting needles 2 and place them before work. Knit loops in pairs with extra knitting needles and a main one. You got rid of another 2 loops! If you don't understand what I'm talking about, look again at the top of the photo. 

Such manipulations should be repeated before and after each track (we have 4 of them, each with 6 loops). 

Knit the next circular row according to the drawing, i.e. over each facial - facial, over each purl - purl. 

Repeat downdowns through the row. Watch the slope of the loop tracks! 

When only needles of 6 loops + tracks of 2 purl remain on the needles, cut loops between them like this:

1 row: tie all purl loops 2 each together (28 loops left on the needles) 

2nd row: according to Figure 

3 row: all combinations of loops [1 persons, 1 wed, 1 persons] knit the front together (12 needles will remain on the needles ) 

4 row: according to the picture. 

Tie all the loops by 2 together, and pull off the rest with a strong cotton thread. 


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