Tunisian Circle Crochet

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Detailed description with the photo see below

1 row. Regular crochet in the ring 10 bars without scum! Attention: correction-if the bars with the scale, then in the end, after stitching the circle turns bulge!

2nd row. Knit "Raport" so:
On the 12th of the loop, type a long crochet 12 "Tunisian" loops, the last cling to the top of the circle. Then we get two loops at once, well and further as usual also on 2 loops. Received a number-the basis of rapport of 12 "ordinary Tunisian columns".

Knit "Wedge" in Rapport: First dial 3 loops (total 4, because one loop on the hook has already been), Proyazit usually, ie the first loop Projazat one, then 2.

We dial 5 loops (total 6, because one on the hook), we get as usual.
We collect 8 loops (total 9), we usually do. The wedge has ended.

3 row. And the new rapport: to dial all 12 loops, the last (i.e. 1 me 13 loop) to hook behind a column of the main circle. Repeat again. And so in a circle.

In the main circle 10 columns with a scale, and rapports on a circle 20, i.e. in each top of a column to cling on 2 "raport". After that it is necessary to leave a long thread and it to sew edges.

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