Crochet Bag Free Pattern

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A neat, clutch, crochet bag is a light and roomy accessory. This versatile thing will fit under a cocktail dress or a skirt in the floor. Also the bag looks good with long-calf pants. This accessory is not variegated and very elegant.

Difficulty level: 3 (out of 5).

Size: 22 by 30 cm.

You will need:

Materials: Strip of thin leather or ragia, lining fabric, golden string or chain, cotton yarn, 350 grams, clasp.

Tools: hook-Double. 

Knitting technique: motifs-squares, canvas.

Density of Knitting: ordinary – 10/10 cm.

Knit elements

Upper part
According to the scheme we tie 8 pieces of motives. We connect them on the inner side, 4 pieces in a row. Further on the top we vyvyazat a row of columns with 2 N. After that Vyvyazat 4 p. Columns without n. And from them-a chain of 38-mi.

Main part
On the knitted chain knit the main part of the columns without N. Elm until the height of 30 cm. You can make the bag deeper by adding several rows.

Assembly and finishing of the product

The bottom of the bags-clutch sew inside. Attach the lining. We have a bow made of leather. Fasten the golden strap and clasp. On the second scheme we make edging of the top part of clutch, on three parties.

Source : http://petlya.org/3680-sumka-klatch-iz-motivov-kryuchkom.html

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