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Recently knitted things from motives have become fashionable. Not every novice knitter will overpower a model entirely consisting of motives. On revenue come the idea of combining motifs with conventional patterns.

The top, which will be discussed, is very simple and fast in performance, despite the presence of motives in it.  A total of 8 octagon, connected in the process of knitting, the original pattern with long chains of the Vozd. loops, circular knitting of the backrest and front, easy pattern without any increments, decreases.

The most important thing is to calculate the width of the motive correctly. For 96 chest Girth It should be equal to 12 cm. If the girth needs less or more, you need to change the width or number of motives.

-200 cotton yarn (length about 230 m. in 100, 2010)
-Hook № 2.5 or other, suitable for the density of knitting

Girth chest-96 cm
Height of the product-48 cm

Density of knitting 10х10:
3.3 Raport and 5.5 series


The main part.
Link 1 motive. Perform the 2nd motive by connecting it with the first motive with the help of a nozzle. Column when knitting the last row. Tie the 8 motives of everything and lock them in a circle. Make the initial loop on the hook and join the motive with the help of art. Without a scale, as shown in the diagram. Knit the backrest and before one detail in a circle in the forward and backward direction before the armholes. Next the backrest and before knitting separately.

Cut out the neck in the scheme of strapping a, armholes-strapping B.

In the last row of strapping the twisted column without a scale is applied.

To carry out the Twisted column (Amer. Twisted SC) It is necessary to knit freely. Insert the hook into the necessary loop of the previous row, grab the thread and pull the loop (two loops on the hook), twist the loops on the hook by one rotation of the hook clockwise. Grab the thread and stretch it through both loops on the hook.

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