Embroidered Gloves and Hat Pattern

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Set (beret, scarf with pocket and mittens) knitted spokes and decorated with embroidery and in Rococo technique.

Girth head: 50-52 cm

You will need to

Yarn "Natasha" (50% wool, 50% Acrylic, 250 m/100 g)-400 g black color.

Yarn Angora (40% mohair, 60% acrylic, 500 m/100 g)-100 g black color.

The remains of yarn in pink, lilac, gray and green colors for embroidery.

Spokes № 2.5 and № 3, Socks № 2.

Needle for embroidery.


Elastic band 1x1: Knit alternately 1 persons. N. and 1 N. P.

Facial surface: Faces. Rows of persons. Hinges, Series-Izn. Loop For circular knitting-only persons. Loops.

Double Elastic: 1st Row-knit alternately 1 person. N. and 1 N. P. 2nd row-Persons. P. People. P. Shoot, thread before work. Then repeat the 2nd row.

Platelka Mating: persons. and N. Ranks-only persons. Loops.

Density of knitting

16 p. x 28 rows of persons. 1 thread = 10 x 10 cm.

14 p. x 22 Number of persons. 2 threads = 10 x 10 cm.

21 p. x 36 of the series of the Platelki = 10 x 10 cm.


Knit from bottom to top. On the spokes № 2.5 black thread "Natasha" dial 80 p., knit 6 cm elastic band 1x1. In the next row knit * 2 p. Persons together, fold *, repeat *-* (bend line). Then knit the faces. 6 cm straight. From the next. of a number change spokes on № 3 and knit in 2 threads, adding in each 2-th row evenly on 6 p. In the same places-4 times = 104 P. Further knit 6 rows without additions, then reduce in each 2nd row evenly on 6 p. In the same places Until the spokes remain 1-2 p. from each wedge.

Cut the thread, leaving the tail of the thread length of 50 cm. Put the tip of the thread in the needle, assemble the remaining loops, stretch, stitch. On the front part of the birch leaves and flowers smooth, twigs-in the technique of "rococo" (see pictures). In the center of small flowers sew beads.


Knit a thread in two addition: "Natasha" + Angora. On the Spokes № 3 dial 50 p., knit 13 cm double rubber Band (pocket). Further loops divide into 2 parts alternately = On 25 p. Half of loops transfer on additional. Spoke and set aside. To the remaining loops evenly add another 7 p. and continue to knit the binding to the desired length scarf. Close the loops. Postponed 25 p. Pocket Transfer to the working spokes and bring 3 cm elastic band 1x1. Close the loops.

Tie the pocket on the side sides with the "Rakai step". On the pocket, above the leaves and flowers gladyu, twigs-in the technique of "rococo" (see pictures).


Knit a thread in two addition: "Natasha" + Angora. On the knife Spokes № 2 dial 40 p., evenly distribute loops on 4 spokes (= 10 p.), knit in a circular 7 cm elastic band 1x1. Then knit the faces. 5 cm. Then tie out the thumb: twist the loops of the first spokes and 1 p. 2nd spokes on the first, bring the next 8 p. On the second spoke, the last loop with the 2nd spokes temporarily transfer to the 3rd spoke.

Then knit only 8 p. Thumb Straight and reverse rows of 5 cm (or to the middle of the nail). Then, press on both sides to 2 p. Persons together. In each 2nd row, until the spokes will remain 2 p. then add 2 p. On both sides in each 2nd row, until the spokes again will not be 8 p. Then knit straight 5 cm. Then re-throw with the 3rd spokes 1 p. On the 2nd spoke and continue to knit Vkrugovu persons. To the end of the little finger.

Then bind the mouse mittens as follows: At the beginning of the 1st and 3rd spokes bring 2 p. Together persons. Stretch (= Remove 1 p. as persons., bring 1 person. P. and stretch it through the removed loop), and at the end of the 2nd and 4th spokes Knit 2 p. Together persons. Repeat the decrease in each 2nd row 2 times. Then carry out the decrease in each row, while on each spokes will not remain on 2 p. Transfer the remaining loops on 2 spokes (on 4 p.), bring all loops on 2 p. Together persons. Cut the thread, the remaining loops stretch the end of the thread, fasten.

The second mitten perform symmetrically, the thumb is knit on the 1st spoke. On mittens above leaves and flowers a smooth, twigs-in Technics "Rococo" (see drawings). 

Scheme of embroidery and pattern:

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