Crochet Multi Layer Brooch

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I will not jump off the section. In flowers, it seems to me very appropriate.
This timethe familiar YarnArt Tulip thread and hook 1.3.
The flower consists of 4 tiers. Each begins with a circle bound by a wall; on the edge in the Tunisian technique are loosened
petals (one petal - one row).
The finished part with petals is tied along the kseniyanik perimeter of the stan with the wire.
The first tier is 6-12; 6 petals 10 high in height. The second tier
6-12-18; 9 petals 11 high in height. The third row is 6-12-18-24; 12 petals with a height of 12 in.
The fourth tier is 6-12-18-24-30; 15 petals 13 high in height. The diameter of the flower is about 8 cm.
On the color scale, a very low-key thing happened; not quite in my taste. But something makes me cling.

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