Edge with festoons crochet

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This is a decorative array of a hinge that can serve as an ornament to the knit side of the knit. For his performance of the needle and the bastard, with a small diameter you choose a dog, thus getting smaller fights. 

Β the right hand keeping the needle and the box next to it. The usual way is to draw on the dog and the hook 8 lashes. 
We perform it in the usual way, replacing one of the knitting needles with a crochet - see the photo. 

Then we type the 9th loop only on the hook. 

We take out this ptl through all 8 ptl and lower them from the spokes. 

Then we transfer to the knitting needle ptl from the hook and raise the extreme ptl of the scallop onto it. 

Repeat the previous step and recruit new PTL. 

We drag ptl on the hook through 8 p. We transplant the new 2 p. Onto the knitting needle.

So repeat to the desired length. When switching to further knitting with the main pattern between the two eyelets of the festoon, you need to add nakida to 1 p. Or 2 p. (Depends on the width of the festoon). That is, when counting the vyvyazyvaemyy number of festoons, you need to consider that each of them then turn into 3p. or 4 p. 


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