Crochet Bag Pattern

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The warm summer is approaching and more and more I want to surround myself with cheerful bright colors. Clothes become lighter, colors are brighter and thus summer already almost touches us. Today I will teach you to knit a bright summer bag-bag, which will be a pleasant accessory, both for summer and for warm days in other seasons.

• Several multi-colored skeins of yarn. 
• Thick hook for knitting. 
• Scissors. 
• Centimeter. 
• Pins. 
• Needle.

We will knit our bag with crocheted crochet. We will knit the bag in a circle, start with the loop Amigurumi. The first nine rows are knitted according to the classical scheme with additions, so as to get a smooth "pancake".

At me the bottom has turned out in diameter of 23 see more I knit with the same columns, but I do addings only in every third row. In these series, distributing evenly, I add 6 loops each.

When we tied a bag of the size we needed, we work the edge of the canvas with a wavy pattern. This pattern is simply knit, we make a column without the crochet in the first lower loop, we knit two columns with a crochet in the next loop, repeat the columns with the crochet in a new loop and finish the wave with a column without a crochet in the fourth lower loop. So to the end of the series.

It turns out that such a bag.

Now with simple stitches we knit two long handles. For the decor we make a few flowers with leaves, we leave the tails of the threads to sew the flowers to the bag.

Pin the pins on the right place.

The handle of the handle is decorated with flowers with leaves and tails of threads from the flowers we sew to the bag and pens, and flowers.

Similarly, we sew the handles in three other places. We got such a fun, summer bag.

This bag will be a great accessory. It perfectly suits for summer dresses, jeans and many other outfits. So, the most primitive way of crocheting we created a perfect bag for the summer. 

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