Openwork Tunic with Corners

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The flirtatious corners at the bottom of the model, accentuated by a strip of facial surface, create a beautiful line of thighs, and a transparent azhur of soft yarn gives the model tenderness and ease. 

36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

You will need 
Yarn (36% wool, 27% silk, 19% camel wool, 18% mohair; 180 m/25 g)-175 (175) 200 g sand; Long and short circular spokes № 4. 

Patterns and diagrams 
In connection with a large number of loops we recommend to knit on long circular spokes in the forward and reverse direction first.

The number of loops multiple 4 + 2 + 2 kromoskno. Each row start and finish 1 crown. 

Facial ranges: Alternately two facial, two purls, finish two facial. 

Purls rows: Tie loops on the figure. 

Openwork pattern 
Number of loops multiple 4 = Knit SOGL. Schema. On it are given facial and Purls ranks. To start with loops before Raport, raport constantly repeating, to finish loops after raport. Constantly repeating the 1st-4th series.

Facial surface 
Facial Rows-facial loops, purls rows-purls loops. 

Density of knitting 
15.5 p. x 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected with openwork pattern; 
17 p. x 25 R. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by the facial smoothness.

Work execution 
Dial on the spokes 140 (148) 156 loops and for the strap to tie 2 cm = 4 rows of rubber band and 2 rows of facial smoothness, while in the last Vixen row to reduce 2 p. = 138 (146) 154 p. 

Continue to work as follows: For lateral corner of the Crown + 32 p. openwork pattern, 6 p. Facial Smoothness, 60 (68) 76 p. openwork pattern, 6 p. Front surface, for the lateral corner 32 p. openwork Pattern + cromoplate. 

After 20 SM = 50 rows from a lath to close for the end of a corner on both parties 1 x 32, 3 p. = 74, 0 (82) 90 p. and to continue work SOGL. Pattern. 

After 61.5 cm = 154 series from the strap close for the neck average 26 p. and both sides to finish separately. 

To close the inner edge fillet in the next 2nd row 1 x 4 p. 

After 63 cm = 158 rows from the plank to close the remaining 20 (24) 28 shoulder. 

Knit as a backrest, but for a deeper neck already through 52 cm = 130 rows from the strap to close the average of 14 p., then in each 2nd row close 2 x 2 p. and 6 x 1 p. 

To dial on spokes for each sleeve on 48 (52) 56 loops and for a lath to tie 2 SM = 6 rows an elastic band. 

Continue to work with the facial smoothness. 

After 9 cm = 23 rows from the strap, evenly distributed, reduce 4 p. = 44 (48) 52 p. 

After 9.5 cm = 24 rows from the bar continue to work as follows: Kromoemny, 5 (7) 9 p. Front surface, 32 p. openwork Pattern, 5 (7) 9 p. Front smooth, cutting. 

For bevel sleeves through 17.5 cm = 44 series from the strap to add on both sides 1 x 1 P., and then in each 8-th row 9 x 1 p. Facial Smoothness = 64 (68) 72 p. 

After 50.5 cm = 126 rows from the strap close all loops. 

Perform shoulder seams. 

For a lath to dial on short circular spokes on edge of a neck of 88 loops and to knit a rubber band in circular rows (= Alternately 2 obverse, 2 purls). When the width of the strap is 2 cm close all loops on the figure. 

Sew sleeves, carry out lateral seams and seams of sleeves, including the closed edges of corners.

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