Crochet Bag Free Pattern

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You have accumulated a lot of yarn residues and you do not know where to put them? Let's try together to make a beautiful cosmetic hook. I think that any girl would want to have such an elegant little thing.

The idea and the presented works belong to the Anabella.

Recommended yarn: Any yarn that you like. The amount depends on what size you are planning to make a cosmetic bag.

The hook is desirable to take the smallest size recommended for the type of yarn chosen by you that knitting was maximally dense.

The first step is knitting a crochet on the scheme of the valve. More beautiful if the color of the valve will be contrasting to the main color of the cosmetic bag.

2. The next step is knitting begin to knit the handbag itself. First, the columns without a scale, knit bottom of cosmetics. For this purpose we make additions on the following scheme.

When we see that the width of the bottom is enough to start to build up the height, for this simply stop making a raise and knit just in a circle.

Knit to the height that we require. Try the valve

Then start assembling, sewing the valve, a beautiful button. You can still sew sequins or beads, beads.

I think that such a cosmetic bag will be suitable as a gift to a friend, mother, grandmother or her favorite))

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